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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: Free
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  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

HammerMan: get over this is an adventure game, is very hot in the mobile game market, the game is published by Apps Trending Developer is completely free on the Android platform, and it is very similar to the game lost The charge “Get Over This” is available on the IOS.

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If you have played through such difficult games as Flappy Bird, then this game is similar. This makes the game HammerMan: get over this is becoming a phenomenon and addictive the world over. It’s only been available for a week on the Google Play store, but HammerMan: get over this has been downloaded by a lot of people. Let’s see this game has something special that is so highly regarded.
The first thing that I noticed in this game was the comedy; you would have to climb with a man without legs, the only help is his long hammer. It took me a long time to be able to master the hammer. Climbing with a normal person is not easy, but you will have to help a man with no leg to do this.


Fortunately, he has strong hands, which helps him climb the mountain with the help of a hammer. You will have to overcome many difficult terrains to get him to the finish line; I am sure you will be very angry with this game, of course climbing with a hammer will not be comfortable.



Your most difficult task is to help the man without a foot to conquer the big mountains, that distance is very long and more dangerous. Maybe you will spend a lot of time in a certain area on the map, do not worry because so many people in the world are having problems like you, but cannot pass. That is a unique thing about this game.

If you want to win this difficult game, the first thing is to use the hammer of the man without legs. This is the key point of the game, but it is not easy to make the hammer by moving the finger. Just one wrong adjustment is that you can lose a long way and put the game on the starting point. Strangely enough, the difficulties I mentioned above are what the game is addictive all over the world, feeling very upset and uncomfortable will make you have to play it many times. Stay calm to overcome the difficulties of the game.

hammerman get over this

The physical movement of the game is very accurate; if you take advantage of this, winning is not difficult. The hammer also works very well and is flexible; you do not have to worry about its hardness, take advantage of this to climb through steep terrain.


hammerman get over this 1

The highlight of this game is the flexible moves, so the graphics of the game will not be invested too much. However, the main images of the game such as cliffs, rocks, houses, trees … are still depicted quite honestly and combined sound soothing, helping players have the best gathering.

HammerMan: Get over this for Android


HammerMan: Get over this” is a difficult game and requires calm in every situation, the game brings a new experience. If you would like to join the insurmountable man through terrain, download the Android platform game from the link below.