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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • File size: 48 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/06/2019

Fast-paced games at the moment are creating new entertainment trends for everyone. With fast-paced challenges, players will have to have quick observation and reflexes. Participating in fast-paced challenges makes it easy for people to balance their leisure and work time. When it comes to fast-paced challenges, you can’t help but mention Hair Dash. This unique game will challenge everyone’s reflexes and agility; it was developed by ZPLAY Games and is available on Googleplay.

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Chosen one

Hair Dash APK Mod brings a simple and interesting plot system. You will become a warrior and have the duty to protect the island of your people before the invasion of King Octopus. He intends to invade your island to collect mysterious magical powers from Ancestor Tree. He summons his minions and attacks your island. The bad and numerous pirates are devastating the island; you need to fight constantly to protect the people and Ancestor Tree.

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Speed ​​challenge

Hair Dash has easy-to-understand gameplay with a simple one-touch control system. You just need to touch any position on the screen to attack and destroy your enemies. However, you will face a large number of enemies, and they will appear continuously. If you cannot perform agile controls, your character will be defeated.

Hair Dash for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Participating in battle, the device’s screen will be divided into two parts. The left side of the screen will appear enemies with a green energy bar, and the right side of the screen will appear to enemies with a red energy bar. Touching the left of the screen will help you destroy the enemies with a blue energy bar and vice versa. You will have to touch the two sides of the screen continuously to fight. You are only allowed to stop when you have defeated all enemies. The ugly pirates will appear and attack you violently. If you reflect slowly and cannot destroy all enemies, you will have to play again.

Levels and items

The manufacturer will challenge your reflexes according to each Stage; each stage will have different levels. Each level will show different time limits for you to fight. You survive the limited time will help you complete the level and collect three stars. The number of enemies and their attack speed will increase with each level.

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Completing levels with good achievements also helps you get bonuses and unlock unique equipment. The system of items of the game is very diverse, with many shapes and beautiful colors. Items used will help your character stand out and enhance your survival in this fascinating battle.

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Global rankings and competition

Not only possessing interesting content, but this game also offers rankings for people to compete with each other. The rankings will be updated regularly with the players who get the best results. To get a good score and get high ratings, you need to complete challenges quickly with a short time.