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  • Date Updated: 16/03/2018

Perhaps the simple 2D graphics games like Contra, Mario, Sonic … have become the legendary names that stick with the childhood of most 9x gamers. That’s why the makers of the SEGA have released the game Gunstar Heroes Classic, a new version of the legendary Gunstar game with the aim of bringing innocent childhood memories back to the gamers.

Gunstar Heroes Classic APK Mod Premium

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Former Konami employees and loyal 2D game players formed a team named Treasure. In 1993, they released the first version of the Gunstar Heroes Classic for Android, but until this game was released by SEGA Genesis, it was well known and became one of the classic products in the market mobile games. Currently, the game is supporting two major mobile platforms: iOS and Android, you can download this exciting game to your phone to find the familiar feeling of childhood.

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The world is in danger of being destroyed by generals with the ambition to invade and destroy the Earth; he leads a cruel army and many weapons from the Moon with tremendous destruction. But with his courage, combat ability and a great guy, Gunstar Heroes Classic for iOS has volunteered to fight the evil conspiracy of the evil aliens. Only with a laser gun and a sword in his hand, can that knight defeat the mighty enemy with tens of thousands of soldiers with advanced weapons?

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Come to Gunstar Heroes Classic Mod; you will become a brave guy with a huge mission, you have to pass seven levels by defeating enemies on the ancient ruins, the skies or a large fortress.

Weapon system

Gunstar Heroes Classic Mod Premium has a very diverse weapon system. You will be given one of the four weapons at the beginning of the game, but then there are 14 weapons you can collect on the journey to save the world. Also, weapons can be combined to create a new weapon with much higher firepower. Chaser and Lightning are two types of guns that gamers choose to combine because their combined power is unmatched, they will shoot almost anything on the screen with almost no action at all.

Download Gunstar Heroes Classic APK

The Gunstar Heroes Classic’s gameplay controls are quite complex; you just have to move, just jump back and keep the gun constantly bursting. But do not worry, the game has updated the MFi controller in this latest version, gamers can play games much easier. In particular, you can communicate with friends over the network, together to overcome all the challenges to collect countless noble titles. Also, the game adds functionality to save the previous session, allowing you to pause and play next time.

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Download Gunstar Heroes Classic is simply designed with classic 2D graphics, all the action, smooth game effects, promising to bring players relaxation time. The game is available on both App Store and Google Play storefronts, where you can download this exciting game and have fun with your friends.