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There are a lot of online strategy games out there like Clash of Clans, Return of Firelands, Clash Royale, DomiNation and many other MMO games. However, these games have a trait that people are so familiar with, these games are set in the land. Battles at sea are often limited as it requires high image quality. If you have experienced so many battles on land and want to experience a true naval battle then you should experience Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. The game has strategic MMO content and is produced by JOYCITY Corp., a very attractive naval game.

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A new look at strategy games

The other online strategy games are for people to experience on land but with Gunship Battle: Total Warfare for iOS you and everyone will experience a real naval battle. The battles in the game are the battles of mighty fleets. To experience the game you need to build yourself a private navy. You become an admiral and have the responsibility to command the fleet to destroy all enemies and dominate the vast ocean.

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Initially, you will be given a headquarters as your main base, from which you will make the right decision for your fleet. You will have to build many seaports, and you will have to build and upgrade many shipyards for the development of the fleet. Create and use a variety of powerful ships to match your fighting style. Build a fleet with a reasonable strategy to match the battle.

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Gunship Battle: Total Warfare APK Mod is an MMO strategy game, so experiencing PVP battles is very important. You will be challenged with many fierce battles with people around the world. PVP battles is a fierce test to assess your strategic ability. You will face potential opponents everywhere, experience PVP mode to challenge your intellect. These battles will be the most logical tool to help you and everyone build a strong fleet. Experience and wisdom are important tools of a good leader, otherwise fighting you will not get experience and quickly give up the game.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Players can also create or join different alliances in the game. Alliance influences are very important to the content of the game. By joining the alliance, you will be connected to many people and get lots of helpful help. Build a strong alliance to compete with many others, share the benefits and wealth with the members of your alliance. Assist members in the alliance when they are in trouble and they will do the same for you if you need them.

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Last comment

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is a new and unique naval combat game that you should not miss. The content of the game is not new, but it will be a great thing when combined with naval battles. The game has beautiful 3D graphics and excellent image quality. The visual effects and motion of the game are unique with many beautiful scenes. This is a great MMO game and is recommended for naval lovers.