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You’ve played a lot of the “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds” style game. Today, we will introduce you to a new game called Guns Royale. This game is a combination of the style of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds along with Minecraft’s graphic design. That will bring new and unique experiences for players. Right now, let’s take a look at Guns Royale.

Guns Royale APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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In Guns Royale for Android, you will control square-shaped characters like Minecraft, taking part in single or team battles like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. But the real highlight is that these 3D square-shaped characters will work in a real environment like the floor or the desk … Players will be connected online and play alongside others, participate in fierce gunfights. Guns Royale will be the pioneering game of the new virtual reality field AR 11.

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The gameplay of Guns Royale

Guns Royale Mod Money is like a lot of survival games; you need to create a character. When you join the battle, you and the other players will appear on a very large map; everyone will have to kill each other and survive to become the winner. Players will have to move and collect their equipment and weapons such as guns, grenades, bullet-proof armour. These weapons and equipment will appear randomly on the map.

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Download Guns Royale is a 3D survival game designed to make it easy to see enemies and equipment in your sight. This is a unique and unique design of the game, which will create the appeal of Guns Royale. During the test, Guns Royale has attracted a lot of players and interest. Recently, Guns Royale’s developers have unveiled new maps. These photos capture one of two new maps coming out with jungle scenery.

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Download Guns Royale Mod APK Money/No Ads

The sound and graphics of Guns Royale

Guns Royale Mod No Ads has a 3D graphics design, Minecraft’s famous “Pixel 8bit” style. Character images are made up of square blocks. The images show scenes and objects are designed in the same way; this will make the game very interesting. The sound in the game is not so prominent, but it still shows all the action and features of the game.

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Guns Royale for iOS is a new choice for you, a Minecraft-like graphics design with PUBG gameplay will bring you a whole new experience. Guns Royale is in the testing and finishing phase. When playing Guns Royale do not forget to send feedback to the developer so that the game can be the most complete in the official version. You can download and install Guns Royale on the Google Play or the App Store.