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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 6.0 or later
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  • File size: 67 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/02/2018

Action games are too old. Instead, tactical action games are increasingly popular with gamers. DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING has released a game with a charismatic, tactical game called Guns of Glory. The game is supported on both iOS and Android, with a variety of languages that help Guns of Glory reach out to more countries around the world. Are you ready to participate in one of the most heroic battles on mobile?

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In the world of Guns of Glory for iOS, you will be reincarnated into an unprecedented king in history, ruling a vast kingdom with both economic and military potential. The neighbours are always willing to invade this mighty and powerful kingdom. You have to defeat all of them to possess the supreme power and to win the Crown of Destiny. Of course, they all want the noble crown; they will not be easy for you to free your kingdom. Thus, fierce battles happen, and the strongest will be the worthy man in charge of the entire Crown of Destiny.

Winning bases on strategy

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Coming to the Guns of Glory for Android, you’ll start with a pure kingdom; everything is at the starting point. Your task is to build the constructions to develop economy, science and technology with the mighty army. You must constantly seek, produce food to sustain the army and the people of the kingdom. Besides, you should exploit finite resources such as wood, gold, etc. to upgrade your buildings to higher levels. Besides, you can also earn more resources, minerals through the war with neighbours. Like the Game of Thrones Conquest, Guns of Glory allows you to create freely, so create a kingdom of your unique style.

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To show the power of the game Guns of Glory Apk Mod, you must own a powerful army and effective tactics that help you easily win the battle. Moreover, the layout of the squad is a very important factor. Guns of Glory possesses the most powerful units which are available for you to choose: the Archer, the Warrior, and many other healers. Upgrading your buildings help you increase your army’s power.

Various modes

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Besides confronting other players, you have to clash with many fierce monsters in this game, destroy them to get many useful items. Guns of Glory Mod COINS has two main modes of play: PvP and mission-based combat. Plow the quest every day to win the noble titles in Guns of Glory Mod Money. You will fight with many other players from all over the world in PvP mode. Let them taste the failure by your power.

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Graphic design

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Crisp 3D graphics combine with immersive sound, the battles in the Guns of Glory for iOS are better than ever. Besides, the castle, fortified strongholds are displayed extremely magnificently and realistically. You will be immersed in the beautiful kingdom as in fairy tales while playing this game.


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With exciting gameplay and eye-catching graphics, Guns of Glory Apk promises to bring great gaming experiences to you, give you the ultimate in firepower and tactical battles. Currently, the game supports Android and iOS; you can download it free (Note: the game may contain some in-app items and ads).