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  • Date Updated: 30/06/2018

Popular empire-building games such as Clash Of Clans and Castle Clash have made many players feel boring. They are familiar with the features and mechanisms that are repeated many times in traditional empire development games. Many players are looking for a completely new and unique game; they need a more realistic battlefield to show their tactics. Recently, Phoenix One Games Inc. has announced the release of a new strategy game, Guardian Kingdoms. Players will be involved in a mystical world where there are so many different countries and ancient forces. Players will have the opportunity to participate in the battlefields of extremely large scale in the game; they will be showing their unique tactics in this game. The game is available on two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. We will help you learn about this game and how to download the game easily.

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The explosion of mighty nations

In the world of Guardian Kingdoms APK Mod, players will become a great leader. You will command your troops and your people to develop the nation against the ancient forces. Initially, the player will perform the construction work of mining natural resources such as gold mine, manufacturing workshop, logging area … After the player has enough resources needed, they will begin to build their own army. You will build large camps and academies to produce your troops.

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Guardian Kingdoms for Android has a variety of different types of soldiers to choose from and create special tactics. You can own many different types of soldiers such as Immortals, Valkyries, Knights, Warships and more giants. A new and creative world strategy is waiting for players to explore. In addition, each player will own a hero. Heroes will help players to lead and command their troops in major battles.

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When your resources are not enough to meet your needs, you will begin with the task of destroying the Chaos Legion to bring in more trophies. Your country will be more powerful. The most important thing in this world is the strength. Therefore, you can search and invade the countries of other players to become more powerful.

Large-scale battles

Once the players have achieved the required results, they will be able to team up with other players around the globe. The game has a lot of options for players to play against each other like 6vs6, 8vs8 and even 20vs20.

Guardian Kingdoms for Android/ iOS – Gameplay

The battles are extremely large and impressive between the big alliances are waiting for players to experience. With great rewards coming from the game, the PvP features of this game will be much hotter.

Impressive graphic design

Guardian Kingdoms APK is designed with the latest 3D graphics technology. The manufacturer has created a vast and attractive battlefield for players. The PvP battles with thousands of different units are shown in a very clear and smooth manner on the device’s image. The skill effects are also the huge investment; players will feel the fierce battle with this impressive graphic design.

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Surely you will like this game

Guardian Kingdoms will be a very promising name for those who love the game of empire development and defence. With the unique gameplay and the immense scale of the battlefield, players will experience the incredibly great feeling that only this game has. At the moment the game is in beta, you can sign up for the game right away to receive many rewards from the developer when they announce the official release of the game.