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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 37 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/04/2018

Imagine, you and everyone are living happily in a city; peaceful life is happening day by day. However, a virus that appears and turns people into zombies bloodthirsty, this is a terrible thing and very difficult to appear in the present life. If you still want to experience this feeling, then join the game Grow Survivor – Dead Survival extremely attractive.

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Grow Survivor – Dead Survival for iOS was released on Android by PixelStar Games on April 17. Unfortunately, the game has yet to appear on the iOS operating system, players of the operating system will have to wait for an additional time to experience. Shortly after the launch, the game quickly attracted the attention of many players around the world. Specifically, in just three days, the game has reached 100k downloads and 500 reviews on Google Play. So you can be completely assured of the gameplay and graphic design of this game.

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As mentioned above, come to Grow Survivor – Dead Survival you will be fighting with many bloodthirsty zombies. Your living city is called Apocalypse and is being attacked by Zombies, a virus that has been spread and zombies appear. They killed and infected many people. Your task is to fight and destroy all the zombies that are attacking your city and protecting everyone from the attack.

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Addictive gameplay

Starting Grow Survivor for Android, you will face massive attacks from Zombies. Fortunately, the weapon will appear on the road, and you can use it to destroy the zombies. Your city is being protected by a fragile barrier, and you will have to destroy the zombies before they reach the barricades. If there are too many zombies to reach the fence, then it will break, and you will become losers.

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At the first level, the ZOMBIES will appear very little, and you will be very easy to defeat them. However, at later levels, the number of zombies will be increased.

Grow Survivor – Dead Survival Android iOS Gameplay

Maybe, you will not be able to kill all the zombies before they reach the line. Fortunately, you can call up your teammates and fight the zombies together.

Not only that, after each level, you are rewarded a lot of money, use that money to upgrade weapons and fences so that they become strong. This upgrade is very important, it will help you quickly kill a lot of zombies, and your fence will become more certain.

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Graphic design

Unlike the games on the current mobile game market. Download Grow Survivor – Dead Survival has a simple graphic design in Pixel style is very interesting. The images are made up of small squares, and this makes the game very light. Thus, the game can operate smoothly on low-profile devices.

We have provided a link below for you to download the game for Android. Hopefully, the game will soon appear in the App Store so people around the world can experience this fascinating game.