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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 52MB
  • Date Updated: 06/08/2019

Imagine that someday you will be the king of a country and personally lead the conquerors and expand the new land. Download the Game Grow Empire: Rome Mod on the phone will help you do that, game Grow Empire: Rome is a tactical and role-playing RPG extremely attractive. The game was released by Games Station in the early days of 2018, though the game had more than 5 million downloads and nearly a hundred thousand views on the Google Play store. Let us explore the game to find out why it is so attractive.

grow empire roma 1


Entering the game, you will become a Caesar, a Roman leader, but at the start of the game you only own the property as a small land and few soldiers are well trained. You will have to face different armies to expand your territory and show off your strength. With each win you will get the money and experience to start upgrading your towns and armies, making them invulnerable and invincible. From there your army will become stronger and fight to expand the new land.

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Come to the game you can immerse yourself in one of the four heroes that are capable of leading up to 100 cities in Europe, as well as having a lot of different soldiers and ramps that need to be elevated. Level up the land to be stronger.

grow empire roma 7

You will have to adjust soldiers, weapons such as arrows and long-range weapons, combined with a powerful army to defeat the enemy. In order to do this, you have to constantly upgrade your equipment, armor, and armor each time you battle, because your opponent is not in the middle.

grow empire roma 3

Having fought off fierce and frightening attacks from troops from Italy, Gallium, Carthage and the Iberian Peninsula, you will have to work hard to build fortifications as well as lift Level and buy more soldiers to start expanding territory and fight against the next army.

grow empire roma 4


Possessing 3D-based graphics is extremely sharp, the game provides a fairly straightforward view, allowing you to track battles easily. The fierce battle of war through the bloody battle. Along with that is a detailed map system so that you can track the combat situation of different lands. Not only that, but the publisher also added to the game a lot of different weather conditions such as snowstorms, sea … so that the game is extremely real.

grow empire roma 5


Combined with classical music and the brutal fighting sound of the Roman battlefield, you will feel like you are in the real battle. With different maps and weather, the game also produces different sounds. If you are fighting in a snow map, there will be a lot of incredible winds.

grow empire roma 6


Although it is a tactical game with a lot of different maps, the game has a relatively low capacity and only requires Android OS 4 or above, so you can be completely comfortable downloading and experience. Moreover, the game does not have too much bloody violence, whereas the game also has a tendency to be entertaining and fun. You can download the game from the links below.