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Square Enix is a manufacturer that is so familiar to gamers worldwide. This is a game company own a lot of RPG games and games are extremely popular. The series has made its name is known as the Final Fantasy series – a series that has made the fever around the world. Recently, the company has launched its next product called Grimms Notes. Every product of the company makes gamers fascinated by the gameplay and is extremely addictive. Besides, the graphics in Square Enix’s games are also highly rated by gamers. This product will make fans happy. Let’s find out what the game was outstanding.

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Interesting story

It can be seen that for a long time, Square Enix has launched a product with fairy tales. However, the story of Grimms Notes for Android is not so prominent compared to the game with the same topic. In the game, you will participate in the war with the warriors, to fight together to defeat the monster scary. It sounds pretty simple and like any other game, but do not think the game will not be interesting. The game brings you countless different challenges and scary secrets waiting for you to discover. Are you ready to perform all?

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Diverse character system

At the beginning of the game, you will be choosing a character to explore this mysterious world of mystery. Little Red Riding Hood, Romeo and Juliet, Alice and Snow White are all in the game – these are characters who are so familiar with everyone’s childhood. What is strange is that all these characters are designed in Japanese Anime style is very cute and lovely.

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Interesting gameplay

Grimms Notes for iOS is quite similar to other RPGs. You will still be involved in the battle to complete the assigned task and to open the sequel of the plot. Character control system in the game is also designed very familiar and easy for players to get acquainted. All you have to do is choose the character you want; then the character will perform the task yourself. Keep a constant eye on the energy bar as it gives you special skills and powerful damage. With just a few minutes of game play, you can become completely familiar with the controls in Grimms Notes Mod Money.

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The difference between the game and the genre is the Soul System. This system allows you to freely choose two characters to enter the battle. Are you wondering how to handle two characters at once? One character you will control, and the other character will be controlled by the machine. You can also switch between two characters at will. This gives you the best options and matches the situation in the match. Therefore, choosing the items and arranging them is also an important factor in determining your victory.

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Grimms Notes for Android/iOS – APK Download

Also, the game is also equipped with a variety of equipment and skills. In each battle, after defeating Boss will help you get a lot of different equipment and gems to upgrade your weapons. Try to earn as much as you can to increase the power of your character. To say it, this is an action game combined with a bit of tactical factor. Each battle is a mysterious story behind that will surely surprise you. The game also has many attractive features, and you can discover yourself.

Japanese anime graphics

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Download Grimms Notes is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics and live. The characters in the game are designed in Japanese Anime style is extremely cute. Every character is very beautiful and charming; each one has different points to make the game a diverse and lively world. Besides, the character is voiced very cute and comfortable for the player.

General comment

For me, this is a great and rewarding game. You will find the game great in both gameplay and graphics. Producer Square Enix did not disappoint the fans. I believe the game will be very successful this year. You can download the game by visiting the link below.