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  • Date Updated: 01/06/2018

Hunter x Hunter was a very popular comic book in Japan and around the world many years ago. Many people have enjoyed this series because of its intriguing storyline and dramatic action. To satisfy the fans of this popular series, the publisher YahGame Entertainment has launched Greed Island on Android devices recently. Players will have the opportunity to meet the characters that they dreamed of becoming when they were young. Join battles with other hunters to become the best. Are you ready to become an excellent hunter?

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The world of strength

When participating in Greed Island for Android, the player becomes a hunter. Players can work with other hunters in the Hunter x Hunter series such as Killua, Leorio, Gon … You will create a group of hunters with the characters in the game.

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You will make the journey to conquer the mysterious island and seek your power. On the island there will be many other great hunters, players need to beat these hunters to become better.

Greed Island for iOS will be split into several difficulty levels, and players will face a lot of different hunters in each difficulty level. The game has a very familiar Turn-Base gameplay, and players will perform an attack on the enemy.

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After you finish your attack, the enemy will gain the power to attack you. This attack will take place until either team is destroyed. Your character will automatically attack the enemy; you only need to perform character manipulation using special skills to kill enemies in the fastest way.

After completing the difficulty level, the player will receive bonus and experience points. You can use bonus and experience points to increase the level and power of your character. Your character will be able to learn new special skills when reaching different levels of 15, 30 and 45.

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You can search for teammates

When you go through a certain level of difficulty, you will gain new hunters. These new hunters will be your teammates and form a group of hunters. Each character will own a particular skill set; players will have more options to arrange their formation and create different tactics in the game.

Greed Island APK Mod for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Moreover, you can upgrade your hunter by increasing the star rating. You can get different character pieces after completing special quests in the game. Your hunter squad will become much stronger when you reach higher star stats.

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Impressive graphic design

Greed Island APK Download owns the Japanese-inspired 3D graphic design. Players will feel like watching the Hunter x Hunter movie on their device. The skill effects of the characters in the battle are very eye-catching and majestic. Players will experience the game extremely impressive in the game.

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You are a fan of the famous Hunter x Hunter; you will not be able to skip Greed Island Mod APK. I highly appreciate what the manufacturer brings to the player. With unique gameplay and impressive graphics, players will have a great experience with the characters they love. You can join this game experience and become a skilled hunter by using the link that we provide at the bottom of the article.