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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/03/2019

Golf Blitz – You are ready to participate in the golf experience with a completely new style. With this fascinating sport, you will have a lot of fun experiences. One of the factors that help the game get a lot of good reviews from users is an interesting global competition system. Instead of having to experience boring PVE modes, you have the opportunity to participate in the unique PVP mode and challenge your ability to many other players in the world. To be able to quickly take part in these fun challenges, use the link at the bottom of the article to install the game.

golf blitz 2

Unique golf style

Noodlecake Studios Inc has upgraded the sport to a whole new level. Instead of classic and gentle challenges, you will discover intense matches with unique polishing skills. Also, the terrain when participating in the challenge is also designed unique and crazy. You have the opportunity to experience interesting polish on many complex terrains with a series of lovely images.

golf blitz 3

Competition is diverse

To create many interesting experiences with unique challenges, players will be able to compete with friends or compete globally. You can easily create a group and invite friends to join the matches you set up. If you can’t experience with friends, you can join the matches arranged with many players around the world.

Golf Blitz – Multiplayer golf battles!


Golf Blitz for iOS along with addictive gameplay will give you an attractive control system. To hit the ball, you just need to touch and hold to select the directions and release the hand to hit the ball. Note, you need to avoid polishing down the water areas. If you hit the ball in these areas, you will have to re-polish from the old position and beat the competitors one by one. Choose precise polishing areas and scientific manipulation to get many advantages before your opponents.

golf blitz 4

Many fun matches

In matches, you have to hit the ball to the required position to win. You and the other players will hit the ball together for a while, and the batter in the first position will be the winner. With you playing at the same time with many other players in complex terrains, you need to calculate reasonably to get more accurate shots. You must carefully observe the terrain before hitting the ball to avoid the mistakes and be defeated by other players.

golf blitz 5

The feature that makes matches more fun is that players will be able to use special polishing skills. With these special skills, you can easily overcome other players. Note, in each match you are allowed to use three special polishing skills. Special skills that you are allowed to use include grenades, sticky balls and many other interesting skills. In addition to using special skills in matches, you also need to upgrade your skills to get the best performance.

golf blitz 1


Golf Blitz has a nice 2D graphics with lots of unique animations. Highlights in the game’s image system are unique tournament maps. The game maps are prepared and carefully arranged with a variety of topics; you can participate in a desert or a jungle competition. Also, there are more than 75 interesting missions for players to collect beautiful hats for the character. Overall, the imaging system is well built and matches the exciting challenges of the game.