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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 87 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2019

Do you like classic games like shooting dinosaur eggs, digging for gold? These games all bring exciting challenges and help you get more exciting entertainment time. These games are released on PC platforms and are rarely released on mobile platforms. However, you do not need to feel depressed because SENSPARK CO., LTD manufacturer has released many classic games on mobile platforms to serve everyone’s entertainment needs. The new classic game they released and updated recently is Gold Miner World Tour. You will be involved in the familiar gold digging challenge with many fun missions.

Gold Miner World Tour 1

Classic and fun challenges

The challenge of digging gold is familiar to everyone; you have the task of collecting rare metals to enrich yourself and create many outstanding scores. With the gold digging challenge on mobile devices, you just need to touch the screen to drop tools to the ground and collect rare metals. Your tool will move left and right continuously. Therefore, you need fast and accurate operations to collect high-value metals.

Gold Miner World Tour 2

Tasks and levels

You will participate in challenging digging gold in different levels. And the task in each level is to accumulate enough money that the game requires. You need to accumulate the required amount to be able to participate in the next level. Each level will have a limited time for players to complete. With the required time, you need to quickly complete the task. If you run out of time and still have not accumulated the required amount, you will have to redo the task.

Gold Miner World Tour for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In Gold Miner World Tour for iOS, each level will have different items for you to collect including gold, diamonds, stones, animal bones and mysterious bags. In it, gold and diamonds are the two most valuable items for you to collect and complete the mission. To quickly complete the mission, you only need to focus on collecting gold and diamonds. Stone and bones of animals are of very low value; you need to avoid collecting these items so as not to waste time. When collecting the mysterious bag, you will receive a random item or bonus. More than 150 levels with exciting gold digging places are waiting for you to explore. Quickly experience this fun gold digging challenge to become a rich man.

Gold Miner World Tour 3

In particular, the game also built a ranking to update players’ achievements. This ranking will continuously update players’ achievements as soon as they complete the difficulty level. If you do not want to update your achievements, you can skip this operation and join the next level. Join the challenge and create high achievements to compete with many players around the world.

Attractive map

Gold digging challenge will help you discover many different lands. Each land will be built with different details to bring more fun challenges for everyone. You can join gold mining in the vast deserts or beautiful seas. The maps will be arranged scientifically at different levels, helping you to have diverse experience with new lands. The science arrangement in each level also helps you not be bored when having to experience a single map continuously.

Gold Miner World Tour 4

Can you become a rich man?

Gold Miner World Tour with the classic challenge will give you the most fun experience. With many items to collect and unique missions will give you the most entertaining moments.