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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
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  • Date Updated: 06/06/2018

God of War Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, released by Enjoy Game Inc. Players will be returned to the gods’ existence. The ferocious war god declared war on all other gods led by Zeus. A period of chaos began, the war of gods has caused many serious consequences to other species. You will be the god of war in this mysterious world, the leader of your kingdom and against the nations of other gods. Gameplay is varied with the combination of card, SLG, RPG. Players will enjoy the most exciting and unique experience when participating in the game. Let’s find out about God of War Tactics APK.

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God of War Tactics: Tactical multiplayer game

When participating in the game, the player becomes a god. You will develop your country to become a mighty country. Initially, players will experience the historical battle of the gods. You will start learning how to control the game in this battle.

God of War Tactics Free Download has turn-based gameplay, where players control their characters moving on the map of the game to attack opponents or defend. You can use the special skills of the character in each move to kill the enemy in the fastest way.

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Character mobility is indicated by a hexagonal grid on the screen of the device. Your character can move to green hexagons on the map of the game. The battle will end when you destroy all enemy units. You need to use the most appropriate tactics to bring high effectiveness in battles and kill enemies quickly.

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Develop your country

Players will work on building new buildings to exploit resources. You can use the resources you collect to develop your army and country. With a mighty army, you can conquer different dungeons on the map of the game to expand your territory.

God of War Tactics for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, players can tame dangerous animals such as dragons and monsters to serve them for your war. If you want more resources, then you need to conquer other countries. With the trophies that players collect in battles, they can develop their nation to become much stronger. The game also has many other unique features waiting for players to explore.

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Epic graphics

God of War Tactics APK Mod owns a very epic style 3D graphics design. Players will feel like they are participating in an ancient world in this game. Buildings and characters are displayed very crisply. The sound of the character and the skill effects in the battle are very realistic.

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You will like this game!

If you’re a developer of empire and strategy, God of War Tactics is a game you can not ignore. With fascinating gameplay, epic style graphics, and feature-rich systems. Players will have the best experience when participating in the game. Can you become a supreme god in this chaotic world?