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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 11/06/2018

Leisure games is a fairly familiar game maker with a lot of players. They have launched the market for quality products and are loved by so many people like Extreme Super Car Driving, Flying Car Futuristic City, Ball Balance … In recent times, they have launched a game called Go To Street 2. This is the next version of Go To Street. With great changes in graphic design and map size, the game promises to bring the unique and fun adventures for players. Let’s find out about Go To Street 2 APK.

go to street 2 1

Large city

When participating in Go To Street 2 for iOS, players will be immersed in a people living in a large virtual city. You will take control of your character making the journey on the streets of this large city with a beautiful supercar.

go to street 2 5

Initially, the player will be selected from a car in the shop of the game. You can use this car to move around and explore the vast city. If you’ve been bored with your endless journeys, you can become a taxi driver to make money. You can make a lot of money when you become a taxi driver.

go to street 2 4

You bring your guests to where they want to go in this city and get bonuses. Then you can use the bonus to buy new cars in the game’s store to get a new experience. In particular, players can own helicopters to explore the city more easily. The virtual city of the game has many places to explore such as Dance Club, Fitness Club, Auto Salon … Finding these places will bring a lot of surprises to the players.


The game has a highly intuitive control system. Players will not take long to learn and use the game’s control system. Players will easily control their characters and cars in the game with this intuitive control system.

go to street 2 3

Go To Street 2 – Open World City Game – Android Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Go To Street 2 APK Mod owns a very nice and authentic 3D graphics design. In this version, the manufacturer has made great improvements to bring players the highest image quality. Players will experience the same vehicles as in real life to 90%, the shadows of cars and buildings are displayed very real. The sound of the character and the car is described in the same way that the player has the most authentic experience.

go to street 2 2


Go To Street 2 for Android is a new version with a lot of great improvements in gameplay and graphic design. If you’ve ever played Go To Street you will not be able to skip the next big change. Go To Street 2 will be a great option for you to relax during the fun weekend.