• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 17 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/12/2018

Tastypill is a game publisher with many exciting games, their games released on App Store and Googleplay all receive many positive reviews from players. They are famous for games that are easy to understand and bring comfort to the experience. Go Escape! is a new game of Tastypill and now receives a lot of good reviews. This game has simple content but besides that is a series of crazy challenges for users to experience.

go escape 2


Go Escape! APK Mod Built on an important need of players is a game with simple content, easy to control and suitable for everyone. The main content of the game is to bring marbles through the obstacles that appear on the way and reach the safe position. To do that, you just need to touch the screen of the device to help the ball jump up while experiencing. This is the most attractive one-touch game ever.

go escape 3

You will easily experience a simple one-touch operation, the highlight of the game is simple obstacles but not easily overcome. On obstacles that will have sharp spikes, you will have to jump over them to reach a safe position. It sounds simple but to jump over safely you need to carefully observe the obstacles and perform quick touches. Quick and wise action is the way to win.

Go Escape! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Overcome difficulties

You will experience the game with a variety of unique obstacles. These obstacles are designed with simple images but apply realistic physical rules. The obstacles are designed and arranged in a variety of ways to bring many different challenges. You will encounter many obstacles; obstacles will be fixed or move depending on each level. You will have to be patient with moving obstacles. If you are not patient, you will touch spikes and fail.

go escape 4

Simple graphics

Go Escape! for iOS Has normal graphics and simple color system. Graphics of the game and gameplay will provide the focus when experiencing and bring more fun. Each level will have a unique color theme to help players not get bored. Many uniquely designed obstacles provide the necessary challenge when experiencing. Normal image quality helps the game have a small size and can be quickly downloaded.

go escape 1


Go Escape! There are attractive gameplay and a normal image system that makes it easy to install and experience on many different devices. You can experience the game on the go with a simple one-touch system. This is an attractive and suitable entertainment game to experience when the rest time is limited.