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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 08/12/2018

Graphics quality is an important factor for MMORPG product, people in the world love the beautiful MMORPG game. Many previous products have achieved much success and made the mobile market more exciting. Recently, Yvonne.Yin producer has released an MMORPG product called GloriousTown. This is a new game with beautiful 3D graphics along with many impressive fighting images.

glorioustown 1

Familiar gameplay

GloriousTown for iOS has familiar gameplay; you will be selected a character in many different character classes to join the game. There are up to 5 character classes to choose from including Priest, Mage, Warrior, Archer, Assassin, and each character class have its skill set that people can choose and experience. After completing the character selection task, you will begin to familiarize yourself with the game through some basic instructions. People will use the built-in virtual keyboard to control their characters. This is an MMORPG game; you will use various virtual keys such as moving, fighting and using items. All the controls will be done simply by touching the screen of the mobile device.

glorioustown 2

From the plot to the various game modes are carefully prepared to serve everyone. You will get many quests when you have the experience and the chance to participate in many exciting events. Complete many quests that will help you level up characters and accumulate a lot of bonuses or many useful items. You can also make friends with other players in the world. It’s easy to create a guild or a combat team to participate in important missions and events.

GloriousTown for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

GloriousTown APK Mod has a good image quality with 360-degree wide viewing. The in-game map is designed to make it easy for people to discover new areas. The effects of the skills are very beautifully described, the fighting scenes in the game will be very impressive. Beautiful animations and many short clips will help to make the task more unique. Homes, trees, bridges, rivers, and many in-game details are built in harmony.

glorioustown 3


Besides the image, the sound quality of the product is also prepared in a way consistent with gameplay. Sound quality is appreciated, and epic sound will make the battle much more attractive. Many soundtracks and background music will let people relax after completing the intense tasks of the game.

glorioustown 4

Personal feeling

GloriousTown will bring satisfaction to everyone; you will experience a new world and unique stories in this game. The game is suitable for people who have high demands for sound and images, experience real fighting feelings and have fun when participating with friends. Please use the share link at the bottom of this article to quickly download the game.