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We often say that China is a country of fake goods, their technology can make fake goods very similar. In China, you can find and buy any item. For those who love the game Battle Royale, we remember the Player Unknow Battleground. It’s a well-known and well-known game, but this game has a huge weakness that requires a powerful enough PC configuration. Glorious Mission developed by Aurora Games and released by Tencent, the game promises to bring you a new experience.

Glorious Mission APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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Glorious Mission for Android has a large-scale design, in-game maps of over 64 km², you are a paratrooper and will play with 99 other players in a match. The game is in beta but has attracted a large number of players to experience.

Style gameplay

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Glorious Mission for iOS is similar to many other survival games; it does not have much difference compared to the older ones. But the weapons system and character of Glorious Mission is a huge difference to create a new game. The image of the character is designed in the same way in real life, creating the most authentic feeling. The amount of weapons in the game is also greatly increased and varied; players will take quite a long time to be familiar with the weapons and features of the game. The maps of Glorious Mission are huge; players will have more houses to look for more weapons and more hiding places.

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The game has a single player or group mode, and the player’s purpose is very familiar with players need to collect their weapons and items quickly after parachuting from the plane. You will have to fight with all the other players in the game and become the last survivor you will win.

Glorious Mission: Mission Action Gameplay Android/IOS

The graphics and sounds of Glorious Mission

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Glorious Mission Mod Money has an extremely beautiful 3D graphics design, which can be said to be the ultimate survival game with the best graphics on the phone. The game has been improved a lot compared to previous games. The sound system in the game is not too special but the quality you can rest assured. This game will give players something new and different from other survival games.


Glorious Mission APK is not so prominent compared to other survival games, but if you want a new storyline and new weapons, then play Glorious Mission. The game is currently being tested in China; the official version will be released in upcoming time.