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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 15/01/2019

The intense battlefield and online competition are the experiences you will get when you join Global War: Empire Rising. A battlefield with many dangerous enemies is waiting for you to discover, become a leader and create your army. Compete with many enemies to assert your strength and talent. GameZEmpire publisher has prepared many unique missions and challenges for you to experience. Join now and build a powerful army, enjoy fierce battlefields right on your device.

global war empire rising 1

Wisdom strategy

Global War: Empire Rising for iOS gives people the most authentic feelings about modern war. You can use a variety of weapons with good attack ability and impressive power. Modern warfare is a battle of rational plans and is done correctly. To destroy the enemy, you will need a proper strategy and use the right weapons when fighting.

global war empire rising 2

With many enemies and a variety of different battlefields will bring more impressive activities. To win you will have to build a strong army and accumulate a lot of resources. Many different types of enemies will cause you to create many different strategies. Focus on building and developing rational troops, fighting with good thinking ability to defeat the enemy.

global war empire rising 3

Build your strength

Players will be provided with a base from the game; your task is to expand and build many different buildings to develop. Players will have to build the necessary facilities to receive many different types of resources. Accumulating a variety of resources will make it easier to expand your base. Resources are so important that you need to use them scientifically and carefully. Unreasonable use will make it difficult for you to expand your base.

Global War Empire Rising for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After accumulating a lot of resources and having stable development, players will start building barracks and summoning troops. There will be many different types of soldiers for you to use, each built army or factory will provide you with various types of troops. You are using many types of troops when fighting helps you gain more advantages than enemies. Besides, players will have to create a powerful defence system to counter the enemy’s attack. The enemy will attack your base to seize resources, so you must build and create a diverse and powerful defence system.

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Alliance helps you be stronger

With many battlefields and many enemies, Global War: Empire Rising APK Mod will give people an interesting feature of building alliances. Players can create their alliance or join alliances that have been built before. Joining an alliance is an important action that helps you get many attractive benefits. You will participate in fighting and sharing resources with teammates to develop bases. Also, you will receive the protection and help of the members of the alliance, from which your base will grow better.

In brief

Global War: Empire Rising provides fascinating and familiar strategic experiences for everyone. The system of sharp images and beautiful graphics brings vivid experiences. Many unique activities and events will help you get many interesting rewards. Join friends to create powerful alliances and compete with many other players.