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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/03/2018

Girls’ Frontline is a fascinating card game and strategy game. You will control beautiful girls and join the fiercest battlefield. The girls in Girls’ Frontline are talented warriors. In a chaotic world, it’s great to control of these girls in battles around the world.

Girls’ Frontline APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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When starting, you will receive character cards to unlock beautiful characters with their power. Players need to build their army with these girls. The world of Girls’ Frontline for Android is a big map, you and your girls fight continuously to win and continue your journey.

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You need to show yourself to be a good leader, combine the strengths of these girls in your tactics and use your tactics to beat other opponents. After each battle, the girls will gain experience points; players also have a reward. Use these rewards and the experience points of the characters to upgrade your team’s fighting abilities. Your girls will have new skills and become stronger.

Features of Girls’ Frontline

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Girls’ Frontline for iOS is a card, and tactical game, features of the game is also quite familiar with many other card games. The star system and the skills of the characters are very familiar. When you win a battle, the characters gain experience points. After you upgrade the number of stars and character skills, your character’s stats will increase.

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The highest level a card can achieve is level S, upgrade your card strength and fight a lot to unlock higher level for your girls. Girls’ Frontline also has a variety of play modes for you to choose, and you can unlock new cards in different modes.

Girls’ Frontline APK MOD – Tactical sexy game

Graphics and sound system

Girls’ Frontline Mod Money owns a 2D graphics like many other card games. The design of the characters in the Anime style. They are adorable and will attract a lot of players who love the image of the cute and charming girl in the Anime. Each character has her own unique style and beauty.

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The visual effects skills are also shown beautifully and in line with Girls’ Frontline’s graphic style. The sound system in Girls’ Frontline is also very diverse. Each character has her own voice. The background music in the battle will make you more excited.

You can download Girls’ Frontline here

Girls’ Frontline APK is a card and tactical card game, with cute and charming Anime girls. You are a tactical and card game lover with beautiful 2D girls, then let download Girls’ Frontline at the link below the article. Currently, the game has not released the English version.