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Chinese history has always been a fascinating topic for filmmakers to get ideas for building classics, which are extremely popular. As a result, wars for the kingdom of the kings of China have been imprinted on the hearts of many in the world. Recently, a new strategy game has been released called Generals Call. Despite taking the theme of Three Kingdoms, however, the world that the game draws out very lightly, in contrast to that is a massive tactical system that players will gradually discover. Unlike other titles that focus on the real-world context, Generals Call brings a slightly more chibi and divine perspective.


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Generals Call Mod Money will bring you back to the Three Kingdoms era with ancient space but quite familiar with the slow-motion movie you have ever seen. Three kingdoms with three rulers scrambled to the top to become the emperor united in the country. Heroes with outstanding talents come from all over to gather together to fight for national independence and freedom. Your task is to recruit many soldiers from different walks of life in the society, looking for and using all of the country’s talented resources. Also, you must collect and equip a lot of weapons for the soldiers in your army so they can stand up to fight the enemy. The game requires players to use their intelligence and patience to build up tactics that are appropriate for each combat situation.

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How to play

Generals Call for Android has a very diverse set of generals, who come from all over the country, and you have to fight a lot to be able to summon them to your army. On the way you will encounter countless roadblocks, they may be pirates, enemies of other nations or even internal conflicts between the opposing forces, you have to have tactics for each.

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You can upgrade your warriors by equipping them with weapons and fighting skills. Each victory in the battle is very important, step by step help you can become a unified king of the Three Kingdoms are in turmoil.

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Generals Call APK Unlimited Money


Space in the game in the style of the ancient Chinese country, you will be returning to the Three Kingdoms era, participating in the fierce battle to reunite the country.

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The characters are divided into different levels with different weaknesses and strengths, so you have to find out how to match the characters to suit each battle. Demonstrate your ingenious leadership skills by directing your generals to battle the tactics you set for winning the enemy. You will become the great monarch of the Three Kingdoms if you defeat all enemies.

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Generals Call for iOS is a tactical game, suitable for smart people who like to challenge themselves to do things that few people can do. At present, the game has two editions, English and Chinese, that make it easy for everyone in the world to experience this exciting game.