Games that simulate fierce warfare are always very attractive to players around the world. There are a lot of games inspired by the battles and very successful such as World War Heroes, War Commander: Rogue Assault, Art of War 3 … Today, we will continue to introduce you a game that simulates battles called General Order – Stay Alert.

General Order – Stay Alert APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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Download General Order – Stay Alert is developed by Starpy Network Technology Limited for Android and iOS. Currently, the game has not been officially distributed and people can pre-register their account to become the first to experience the game. However, do not worry, the game will soon be officially released on both operating systems. Now let’s find out about this exciting new game.

Join the fierce battle

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Coming to General Order – Stay Alert for Android, you will be participating in and battles among nations around the world with a variety of modern weapons. You will become the head of a nation and build a strong army against other army units from other player countries. Starting with two white hands, you will have to build up gradually and collect more powerful generals, get more modern weapons to join the fight. Other players will also quickly grow and want to attack your country. So always be prepared to fight off attacks. However, if you develop and build troops quickly, you can be the one who actively initiates attacks on other nations.

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Your task is to build a military base with modern weapons. The game offers up to 50 weapons like missiles, guns, tanks, aeroplanes… so you can freely choose. Choose the weapon that fits your tactics. Not just a simple game of battle, General Order – Stay Alert for iOS is a game that requires tactical thinking and accurate calculations to win.

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Every attack will be done in turn by your order. This is very important, if using good tactics, you will very quickly win. Also, after each fight, you will receive a lot of bonuses. Use that money to upgrade existing weapons and buy new weapons to boost your army. Not only that, but you can also recruit powerful military generals such as Eisenhower, Barkhorn, MacArthur, Desert Fox Rommel, Victory Star Zhukov … The generals will help your combat is done away and effective.

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Download General Order – Stay Alert for Android/iOS

Top Graphics

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General Order – Stay Alert Mod Money has a very sharp and beautiful graphic design. Weapons, maps, fire and explosions are all very detailed and realistic. Sure, you will enjoy the beautiful design of this game. It can be said, the game has a top graphic design and not inferior to the super products such as N.O.V.A. Legacy and Modern Combat.


With a very attractive tactical game, with nice graphic design, the game will not disappoint. If you want to participate in fierce battles, please visit the link below to sign up and become the first person in the world to experience this game.