• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 83 MB
  • Date Updated: 23/02/2018

After many days of waiting, Gamers around the world have been enjoying the attractive game Gardius Empire. The game was released by GAMEVIL on both Android and iOS. This is a popular publisher on Google Play with lots of hot games like Cartoon Wars 3 and Kritika. Currently, the game is being released with a capacity of 83 MB and receiving a lot of positive reviews from the players. With many new things, the game promises to bring a fascinating experience for players.

Gardius Empire Apk Mod Unlimited Money for Android

download gardius empire for android


Download Gardius Empire takes you to the medieval island of Gardius centuries ago, where there are fierce battles between the dark forces to gain the control of the island. You have to build and create a kingdom with strong armies to against other kingdoms that are willing to destroy your kingdom. It will be challenging to win this fierce battle.


download gardius empire for android apk

Coming to Gardius Empire for Android, you will construct your own kingdom and develop it into a strong nation. You have to perform tasks such as searching for resources, building the foundations for your kingdom to become richer and stronger, developing a strong army to fight against other enemies. However, your enemies are other players, and they are also developing a stronger kingdom, be careful because they can invade your kingdom anytime. You always have to be ready to face fierce battles. Also, you can search many precious to collect powerful heroes. This will make your army invincible.

gardius empire for pc

The gods also cause many difficulties for you. You have to fight a lot of different monsters and gods to protect your kingdom. However, that is not easy, the speed of development of the kingdom certainly is affected. Try to fight for your nation to grow stronger.

Control system

download gardius empire for pc

The game has an easy control system; you just use the virtual keys on the screen to move and control the characters involved in the battle. Besides, many extra parameters such as resources, army, etc. will appear on the screen so that you can easily control your kingdom. Besides, a sub map on the screen allows you to see the entire island and provide a reasonable development strategy for the kingdom.

Gardius Empire CBT Android iOS Gameplay (By GAMEVIL)

Beautiful graphics

download gardius empire

Graphics can be said to be a strength of this game with a beautiful 3D design; the game ‘s design takes the ideas from the Imperius world. The images of heroes, trees, houses, monsters … are described in detail and realistically. That gives the players a new and exciting experience.

You can experience this game by visiting the link below. The game is currently supporting both Android and iOS, and you can be assured of this exciting gaming experience. Have fun playing the game!