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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 5.1 or later
  • Price: $6.99
  • File size: 1,8 GB
  • Date Updated: 30/06/2018

You probably already know Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Auto Theft Gangsters. Recently, the famous publisher Gameloft has released a game called Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. This is a game that has a lot of new and unique features, so the game is getting a lot of support from players all around the world. Players will experience the beautiful scenery in the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. With tall buildings, modern streets, next to the wide beaches and beautiful … sure, you will be attracted by the image of this game. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK was released shortly ago and is being sold on two of the most popular mobile game stores today, Google Play and the App Store. If you are interested in this game, please find out more in our detailed article below.

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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – Experience the game your way in the city of crime

Join the game, in addition to the beautiful images, you will be aware of the gangs that are active in the city. This place appears a lot of social evils such as robbery, murderous crime or terrorist … Players will be immersed in a character, this guy is trying to prove himself with the elders of the forces dark. The tasks for you in this game involve criminal gangs; sometimes you will have to kill a lot of people.


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for Android is a very action-packed role-playing game. Join the game you will become a criminal trying to prove yourself. Players will have to do a lot of killing tasks to become a boss of the city.

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In addition to the missions, you can experience exciting things inside the city such as stealing someone’s car and turning it into your own, using your gun and firing at any target that you want. However, watch out for the police, they will watch you every time you commit a crime.

Costume and weapon systems

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for iOS offers players a huge weapon system. There are a lot of modern weapons that will make you happy. Expensive cars like Ford, Ferrari, Audi, Mazda … are also simulated in this game. There will be continual updates to make the game more addictive and exciting.

Join your character in the quest to conquer the underworld in this beautiful city. Complete each mission; you will receive a lot of money and attractive reward. Use bonuses to equip your character with more modern weapons. You can also buy more beautiful clothes.

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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints by Gameloft provides players with a fairly simple control system. Players need to touch the screen to help the character perform the action you desire. Do it quickly to knock down opponents before they harm you. Players can break into enemy bases and perform complex missions. Move on the street and take control of the cars. Along with your car visit and enjoy the good things inside the city. Join the game; you will get the most enjoyable experience.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – Official gameplay trailer

Graphics and sound

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints owns great graphic designs, every picture in the game is detailed and sharp. Besides, the sound system is vibrant, giving the player the best experience.


Overall, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a very engaging action role-playing game. Join the game and complete all the difficult tasks to become a tycoon of the beautiful city. Currently, games are being supported on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. To easily install the game, click on the link below. Wish you have fun hours.