• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 21 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/04/2019

Are you looking for a fun game with lots of lovely pictures to entertain? You don’t need complex challenges, but you need light challenges and lots of fun? With the above requirements, Fury Run: Smashy Granny is a fascinating game with lots of cute images for you to explore at the moment. In this unique game, you are tasked to help Granny beat people on the way and collect bonuses from traveling around the world. Please support Granny and help her fulfill this little desire.

fury run smashy granny 3

Easy to play and fun

Fury Run: Smashy Granny for iOS with simple content will give people an intuitive control system and you can easily experience with one touch. Granny will automatically move, you just need to tap to hit people on the way and collect bonuses. To collect lots of bonuses from people on the way, you need to hit them with a strong and accurate force. To get strong shots, touch and hold your hand on the screen until you see the burning effect. Drop your hands to beat everyone when Granny approaches them. Notice, you need to observe the distance between the characters correctly when performing the attack. If you miss, Granny will get tired and have to rest for a short time.

fury run smashy granny 4

A series of goals to complete

To accumulate enough money and travel the world, you need to help Granny meet the different requirements of the game. In particular, the manufacturer will prepare various locations and requirements for you to implement. Each location in the world will require different amounts for you to collect. The more famous and beautiful cities are, the greater the amount required to collect. You can only explore new locations when you have completed the requirements from the old locations.

Fury Run: Smashy Granny for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fighting people with accurate and powerful blows is the key to helping you accomplish your mission. The more powerful strikes you make, the more bonuses you will have to collect. In addition to hitting people on the way, you are also allowed to destroy objects such as shopping carts, public seats, and many other things. To quickly collect lots of bonuses, you need to avoid clashing with the police. If you hit the police, Granny ‘s hand will be tied and cannot hit people for a certain amount of time.

fury run smashy granny 5

Interesting upgrades and equipment

Besides the task of collecting bonuses, there are a variety of items and character upgrades for you to learn. You will be able to perform more powerful blows when you upgrade your character’s power and use good quality items. The character upgrade system will give you three power stats: Strength, Discount and Recovery. Each successful upgrade will help you get through tasks more gently.

fury run smashy granny 1

In addition to character upgrades, a range of support items and unique weapons are waiting for you to use in front. The support items bring many unexpected benefits when you perform the task. There are up to 6 supporting items with separate effects for you to use while performing the challenge. To beat people, there are many unique weapons for you to use such as skis, umbrellas, pine trees, and many other weapons.