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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 23 MB
  • Date Updated: 28/12/2018

Racing is an activity that requires concentration to be able to control the vehicle in the most stable way. So what do you think if you join high-speed racing and use weapons to fight at the same time? The answer for you is in Fury Rider. This is a unique racing game with crazy activities; you will experience unique races to show your insanity. Currently, the game is released by TerranDroid. This is also a manufacturer with many products with impressive racing content. You can use the sharing link at the end of the article to download and experience the unique challenges of this game.

fury rider 1

Crazy activity

You will participate in the most violent and crazy street races in Fury Rider APK Mod. Instead of normal racing with high speed and wisdom to overcome opponents. You will use many different weapons to eliminate competitors. In a street car race, in addition to well controlling the speed when moving, you will have to use many different weapons to defeat the opponent — good control of speed when moving and carrying out violent actions to destroy opponents’ vehicles. Many different weapons will be used in a car race such as bombs, guns, baseball sticks, iron pipes, and many other hand-held weapons.

fury rider 2

In a match, you will have to compete with many different opponents. Fairness will not appear in street racing. Therefore, players will need to perform various acts of violence to win. If you don’t defeat the opponent, you will become prey to other opponents. Players will have to participate in many racing races to receive and accumulate lots of bonuses. Bonuses will be used to unlock many different vehicles.

Fury Rider for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Control the battle

To gain victory in Fury Rider for iOS, players will have to fight and constantly compete with many opponents in many laps. You will have to quickly approach the enemy and perform forceful actions quickly to eliminate the enemy. The opponent will not let you approach easily, and they will attack you again. Therefore, players need to perform actions that approach and attack correctly. If you can’t defeat the enemy, you should move to another position. If you do not actively attack the opponent, they will approach and attack you; then you will be attacked from both sides and destroyed.

fury rider 3


This crazy racing game has very beautiful and sharp 3D graphics. Excellent image quality with smooth motion helps create an authentic and addictive experience. The wide and sophisticated design space provides good observation and creates an impressive experience for you. Also, when using weapons will create many beautiful visual effects make the competition in the game more attractive. In short, the excellent image quality of this game will surely make you satisfied.

fury rider 4


Fury Rider is a new choice if you have been bored with the usual racing content. Join the street racing to experience crazy but attractive racing style. Overcome many opponents and win to become the king of street racing. Attention, the violent acts of the game are not suitable for children.