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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 30/12/2018

Besides gameplay and images, the sound of games played is one of the many important factors that help a game get positive reviews from users. Currently, there are many manufacturers that are loved by everyone because their products have great sound quality. The most typical is AMANOTES, a producer with many games has good sound quality. Some impressive products of AMANOTES include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush !, Helix Crush and some other products. And the latest game of AMANOTES is Fruit Stack, which is an excellent sound system compared to other games of the same genre.

fruit stack 2


This game has very easy-to-understand gameplay; you have the task of stacking many different fruits to create a beautiful fruit tower. This simple and fun activity will help you have an enjoyable time of relaxation. The topic of stacking objects to create a tower is not new, but with very nicely built details, AMANOTES has created a fun game that you should not ignore.

fruit stack 3

Create your masterpiece

To overcome the challenges of Fruit Stack APK Mod, simply tap and hold your hand on the device’s screen to expand fruit slices in different sizes and create an impressive tower. To create a beautiful tower and get many impressive scores, players must be careful in many operations. First, you will have to build a stable foundation with large slices of fruit. After creating a stable foundation, you will start building with smaller fruit slices to help create a beautiful tower. Note, touching and holding your hand on the screen for a while creates large slices of fruit. If you touch and hold your hand for a short time, you will create smaller slices of fruit. Depending on your interests and plans, you will create lots of fruit slices with many interesting sizes.

fruit stack 4

You will experience fruit stacking challenges with many different levels. You will have to build many towers with impressive shapes. When building to a certain height and satisfying the requirements of the mission, you will be involved in the next level. In the next level, you will continue to build a new tower on the foundation of the tower you created in the previous level. This is an impressive challenge, with this challenge players will need to have a wise construction plan to create many tall and stable towers.

Wonderful sound

As mentioned about AMANOTES producer at the beginning of the article, Fruit Stack for iOS will make you satisfied with the excellent sound quality. To match the gameplay and create excitement for players, the manufacturer has prepared a lot of different background music for players to enjoy. These sounds are gently designed to create comfort and concentration when you take part in challenges. Many pieces of music will be arranged scientifically to bring diversity and help you not to be bored when you experience.

fruit stack 1


Fruit Stack will bring an impressive sound experience besides interesting play. You will be comfortable building and exploring the limits of the game with many different levels. Create multiple towers with different fruits to create a colorful and beautiful fruit picture.