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  • Date Updated: 11/03/2018

Dunkirk is a film about the war by the director Christopher Nolan. The film has resonated loudly in 2017. The film received three Oscars. To commemorate this movie’s great triumph, will present to everyone a new game about the war. The game is FoxOne Special Missions by game maker SkyFox. Have you ever wished to drive the warplanes and fly in the blue sky to protect the country? All of those dreams will come true thanks to FoxOne Special Missions for Android. This is an exciting and rewarding game.

FoxOne Special Missions APK Mod Money

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Simple but exciting game

FoxOne Special Missions for iOS was inspired by another well-known game and was released long ago: 3D Action – SkyFox by Electronic ArtsAriolasoft. The game was very successful and was popular among the players in the 1980s. FoxOne Special Missions Free Mod Money will give you the opportunity to control a modern fighter aircraft.

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These aircraft are equipped with the most advanced technology such as the laser, radar and a variety of guns. You will have to do a lot of things at the same time, such as aeroplane control, tanks, paratroopers, … and try to accomplish the task best

3D graphics

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Download FoxOne Special Missions is equipped with a 3D graphics, but graphics in the game is not very advanced because the movement is quite slow. Besides, some other details are quite sketchy and not very realistic. But the game still has some good points, such as the eye-catching scene in the game, and the aircraft is designed to feel like real life.

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The sound is pretty good

FoxOne Special Missions APK has sound systems at acceptable levels. Background music in the game is also quite suitable for an action game. The sound of the plane. gunfire, explosion or roar of aircraft engines are described quite honestly. I found the sound in the game very good and enough for players to quickly immersed in the fierce battle.

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Many attractive features

FoxOne Special Missions Mod is equipped with many attractive features for players to explore. You can choose a variety of different aircrafts such as Berkut, AMX A-1, Sukhoi Su-35, Su-47, Eurofighter Typhoon to F-18 Super Horne. Besides, the mission system in the game is extremely diverse and rich. It can take months to complete all the tasks.

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There are some pretty cool missions in the game like Il-76 with Firefighters, Globemaster III, River Bridge, S-300, ZSU-23. -4 Shilka, Il-76MD (AWACS), C-17 and FFH Ships. You are taken to many cities in the world to fight. This is also an exciting point because these locations are also designed to close to real life, the famous places in the world such as Tokyo, Seoul, Yalu…

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Fox One Special Missions F22 Gameplay

You may have to fight in a variety of weather. This makes your mission more dangerous and difficult because it will be difficult for you to kill and kill enemies. Additionally, the game will also give you a 360-degree view. Thanks to this feature you can look around the aircraft to find enemies and dodge attacks. However, personally, I will use the first view when doing the task. Another interesting feature in the game is after each round; you can watch your battle easily. You will also receive many different rewards if you win. You can use this money to do a lot of things such as buying new aircraft, upgrading and repairing old aircraft …

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General comment

FoxOne Special Missions Free is a game worth playing for those who love the aircraft and want to fly in the sky and fight the enemy. New features in the game have given the players a great experience. You can download the game via the link below. I wish you a good day.