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  • Date Updated: 14/03/2018

After Epic Game informed the gaming community, about the upcoming release of Fortnite on mobile devices. This has led many to expect fighting games to survive on mobile devices. Another developer named NetEase has also launched a game called FortCraft, to compete with Fortnite in the mobile entertainment market. FortCraft is quite similar to Fortnite, but it also has some special features. Let’s learn about FortCraft.

Download FortCraft APK for Android/iOS

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You may already know and play the popular survival games on PC; the survival game is also a new trend in the mobile entertainment industry such as Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile. The fiercest competition among developers and most recently between Epic Game and NetEase. Let’s learn about FortCraft for Android.

Gameplay and features

FortCraft free mod apk

Are you familiar with the popular survival games, you need to find a new challenge and more dangerous? FortCraft for iOS can meet your needs, with huge maps up to 16km2. It’s a new breakthrough, where players can easily explore the map and do not often face enemies. You will face other players in a village on a small island. With a very large map, players will feel more relaxed and less stressed than PUBG Mobile.

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You own a hammer in your hand, use this hammer to build or destroy buildings on the map. You can also use this hammer to kill enemies without a weapon. This is new and completely different from traditional survival games such as PUBG. You can build houses to help you hide or bridge to cross the river. This feature is similar to Epic Game’s Fortnite game.

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FortCraft – New survival game from NetEase

The weapons system in FortCraft Mod Money is also very diverse and unique. You will not be able to find familiar weapons like Scar, M4A1 … Instead, these are more modern weapons such as flamethrowers, electric guns … even mortars. Do not forget the most important thing of a survival game is to survive in any way. Look for the most modern guns and use them effectively to kill enemies, armour, bullets, helmets … will also increase your survivability.


Graphics and sound

FortCraft APK Mod is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and is not inferior to Fortnite. The visuals and characters are very detailed and clear; action characters are also very practical. The sound of the FortCraft is also a great investment, the sound of modern guns or state of character is very good.


You’ve played traditional survival games and want a fresh feel, then download and experience FortCraft Mod. With very good sound and graphics design, unique weapon systems and a variety of unique gameplay. You can download the game using the link below the article.