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  • Date Updated: 25/04/2018

Today, the sport of Formula One is always a lot of people love and welcome. You will feel the speed racing with the most modern technology of the world. Today, we bring you a racing game called Formula Racing 2018; the game was released by the manufacturer Aristokraken. You will be participating in Formula One racing around the world. Show off your top skills and battle it out to make sure you are a professional racer in the game. Let’s find out about the Formula 2018 racing game.

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Super speed races

At the start of Formula Racing 2018 for Android, the player will be selected his car. Then you will participate in racing around the world. The game’s control system is very well optimized, so players will not spend too much time mastering their car. You control the direction of the car with the virtual key on the bottom left corner of the screen; you control the speed of the car with the virtual key at the bottom right corner of the screen. Also, players can switch to touch mode to have more new experience in the race.

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Each race will be a difficult level individually; players will be able to win at the first difficulty level. At higher difficulty levels, players will experience the real challenges the game brings. Your opponents will have very good skills; they can pass you easily in the race. You need to train the racing skills and control the speed of the car, to overcome the higher difficulty levels.

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Formula Racing 2018 – Gameplay Android game – Racing car games

After each race, players will receive bonuses. You can use the bonus to buy new vehicles in the game’s store. New cars have higher performance and better looks. Players will be able to easily overcome the higher levels of difficulty when possessing high-performance vehicles. The map of the game is also very diverse; you can get to the major racetracks around the world. The game has many other unique features awaiting the player to explore.

Realistic 3D graphics design

Formula Racing 2018 APK Download owns a very impressive 3D graphics design. The cars in the race and surroundings are designed in detail and meticulous. The physics laws that are simulated in the game will provide the most realistic racing experience for the player. The engine sounds of the cars are described very livelily and honest.

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You can download the game here

Formula Racing 2018 Mod APK is a racing game that many players love. With the good control system, vehicle system and features, graphic design are very impressive and beautiful. The game will bring a lot of fun and unique experience to the players. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.