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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 27 MB
  • Date Updated: 02/04/2018

If you love sports games, especially adventure sports, Formula Car Stunt Race is a great suggestion for you. Join this game, you and your car will immerse in the races on the air. Unlike other racing games, the Formula Car Stunt Race has obstacles that you always have to focus on to avoid. Your only mission is to pass the challenges and reach the goal safely. The game was launched March 6, 2018. It is currently on sale at the Google Play of Android devices. To know more about Formula Car Stunt Race, read our detailed article below.

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Formula Car Stunt Race – A car racing game

You will receive a default car then start the game. You and your car will join in a dangerous aerial race; the obstacles will constantly fall down the road. Your task is to overcome challenges and reach safety goals.

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Formula Car Stunt Race for Android is a very addictive racing game. Joining the game, you have the opportunity to overcome many challenges. Each time you complete a race, you will be rewarded.

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Formula Car Stunt Race for iOS has relatively flat racetracks, however, do not be subjective because the traps that will make you lose any time. Take part in this game and challenge yourself, focus and dexterity to get the finish line and get the highest score that everyone admired.

Formula Car Stunt Race APK for Android/iOS

The car system gives you lots of options, but at first, you can get only one car donated by the game system. To unlock new cars, you have to complete the missions in the game. Each vehicle will have different specifications, so choose the most suitable one. Formula Car Stunt Race has a very simple control system. The screen will show virtual keys such as accelerate, stop or move the steering wheel. You can adjust the angle of the camcorder to suit you. Everything is easy to help you conquer all challenges in the game.

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Features of the game

– A variety of cars for players to explore
– Various challenges and tasks
– Can play offline
– Different camera modes
– Vivid sound

Graphics and sound

Formula Car Stunt Race APK Download features great graphics. The car images, racing tracks and obstacles are designed in great detail. Besides, the sound system is lively, giving the best feeling to the players.


In general, the Formula Car Stunt Race is one of the most exciting adventure racing games. Join the race and get the best in the rankings. As an offline game, you can join the game anytime and anywhere. Here’s a link that you can install the game easily. Wish you have the best experience.