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  • Date Updated: 07/03/2018

Recently, BRAVOCOMPANY Ltd has launched a shooting game with the very first view on the mobile called Forces of Freedom. The game has no plot; it is a combination of shooting and tactical MOBA gameplay. You and your teammates will join the fiercest battlefield. Of course, the enemy’s mission is similar to yours, which is to try to destroy the enemy to win. If you can write a new page for history, download Forces of Freedom now and show your character.

Forces of Freedom APK v3.0.1 Mod Money for Android/iOS

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How to play

In the beginning, Forces of Freedom for Android will take you on a field trip to practice in some simulated matches to get you familiar with the in-game actions. Control system is also quite simple, in addition to the virtual keys move, shooting familiar as other FPS games, this game also has a key to control the character up or down. Forces of Freedom for iOS is similar to the famous game Rules of Survival; the biggest difference is in the gameplay.

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Game mode

Forces of Freedom APK is the only mode of play that is PvP; you will be fighting with other players around the world. You can choose a 3v3 or 5v5 map, each time only a few minutes, ending when you destroy all enemies. The key factors that lead you to victory are your ability to reflect, tactics and shooting skills. The game is extremely stressful, dramatic from the beginning, so you can not take your eyes off.

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Forces of Freedom Mod Money owns a vast collection of maps: desert, ancient arena, jungle, and more, you will be able to experience after each battle. Therefore, you should fight a lot to master all the maps. You will easily capture some important locations if you know the details of the map you are playing. However, the manufacturer needs to add new maps and new modes to increase the appeal to players.

Weapons and characters

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Weapons and characters in the Forces of Freedom are extremely diverse, including Ak47 rifles, heavy shotguns, and the most powerful sniper rifles. You can become a weapon master in this game if you fully understand the features and tactics of each weapon. The viewfinder is for stalking enthusiasts, and if you prefer face-to-face confrontation, use powerful Shotguns. You can choose the characters are the soldiers with full appearance, gender, skin colour, … different. Dress up your character with the most beautiful and new outfits, because they will accompany you throughout the game.

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Forces of Freedom has one drawback that players are extremely annoyed with is AFK status. Each in the team has different important tasks, so if one person is missing, the team will be more likely to be defeated. However, Forces of Freedom has added the feature of denunciation to easily detect and punish poor players.

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Forces of Freedom Gameplay Android / iOS


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Download Forces of Freedom is designed with true 3D graphics, sharpness in every gesture and character action. The game will be more realistic with explosions every time you shoot. Therefore, the weak configuration will still exist in the state of shock; lag makes the player is not comfortable. We hope that the manufacturer will soon overcome the weaknesses to bring players a relaxing moment when playing Forces of Freedom. Forces of Freedom is a fun and addictive game where you can download Forces of Freedom on Google Play or the App Store for free.