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Every year, in November, the gaming community worldwide is eagerly awaiting an exciting game which released the new version, called SEA Football Manager Mobile. This is the latest version of the best-selling football game, the Football Manager Mobile 2018.

FMM 2018 – Football Manager Mobile 2018 Apk+Obb Data Mod Unlocked

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If you are a fan of football and have a dream of becoming a great football coach, this is a game you can not ignore. The gaming community highly praised the previously released PC version. The game is considered to be the best football game ever released. To continue this success, the manufacturer has released the mobile version of this game in 2018.

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You have many different choices in the game; there are over 30 tournaments and 15 different countries for you to choose. You can optionally choose the players to join your team, besides you also have a lot of tactics to use with your squad.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 Introduction

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It can be said that the mobile version is a miniature version of the PC. These two versions have many similarities. But Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK Mod is still adding some exciting new features. Especially the social networking Social Feeds feature. This is a fascinating feature; it is easy to find out about the life and activities of the player you are interested in. You can also read the comments and opinions of people about favourite clubs.

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About the image, you can use your own appearance to create a 3D image for the trainer, which will impress you. Just after uploading your face, you can freely customise your hairstyle, hair colour, skin colour, body shape, clothes etc. Besides, the image of the coach you create will always be Appears on the game ‘s screen. It is great, isn’t it?

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Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK for Android also added two exciting new game modes: Fantasy Draft and Create Your Own Club. Fantasy Draft is a mode that allows you to create a large tournament with 32 participating teams. The exciting thing about this mode is that you can invite your friends to join and compete together and enjoy the dramatic AI Fight.

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You can also adjust the money to buy football and transfer as you like. Create Your Club mode has similar gameplay to Fantasy Draft, but it requires a lot of your effort. You need to build your team and participate in the tournaments where you can show your team-building talents to other players, lead your team to the glory.

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Football Manager Mobile 2018 Mod Unlocked is not only added to the new game modes but also greatly advanced graphics. Football Manager Mobile for iOS 2018 is one of the very successful football management games and is highly rated by many players. Certainly, in the future, the game will achieve more success. You can download games on the Google Play app marketplace and the App Store for $ 9-10. But you can download the game for free by visiting the link below. Have a nice day!