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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 07/03/2019

Rugby always gets people’s attention because this is a famous and popular sport in many different countries. Experience the powerful kicks of professional players from all over the world. The fascinating challenges that are being mentioned will be in Football Field Kick. A simple delivery game and create fun for players. Currently, the game is available on App Store and Googleplay.

football field kick 1

Shows your ability to play sports

Football Field Kick for iOS is well prepared by Words Mobile publisher from gameplay to images and players will participate in many impressive soccer challenges. You have to control the players in the game to make many strong kicks and create good achievements. The game has simple tasks, so you don’t need to spend much time getting used to the game. This exciting and simple soccer challenge is suitable for all ages, so you have to experience it right now and share it with everyone.

football field kick 2

Unique gameplay

When you experience, you have the opportunity to discover many famous players from many different clubs around the world. Each player possesses his kicking skills, so you need to make many accurate kicks to get high scores. The challenge of the game is endless; you just need to touch the player and adjust the kick force scientifically to make the best kicks. The farther the ball flies, the more bonuses you will receive and more outstanding achievements.

Football Field Kick for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Bonuses in the game will be used to upgrade the stats and skills for the characters. The upgrade of the index needs a smart strategy so that the character can perform many accurate kicks. If you don’t think carefully and upgrade improperly, the player’s kicks won’t be good, and you have to get the low score.

football field kick 3

Also, to own and use many new characters, you need to complete the various tasks of the game. Each mission will be a new challenge for you to experience and create new achievements. Each character will have some different tasks to perform if you want to unlock and use them. Completing the required number of tasks gives you the opportunity to unlock and use new characters. The more famous and skilled the characters are, the more tasks are required.

football field kick 4

Good graphics

Football Field Kick APK Mod has good 3D graphics with carefully prepared image detail. Images of well-built characters help you feel like you are participating in challenges with real players. The imaging system is also appreciated when well prepared with authentic details. You have the opportunity to enjoy the true images of a big city, a large stadium or the famous Manhattan red bridge.

football field kick 5


If you are a fan of healthy and fun sports challenges, Football Field Kick will make you satisfied with the challenges of this sport. Discover many new players with unique kicking skills besides a series of lively images. Having fun and relaxing after working hard with this exciting game is everyone’s right decision.