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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 02/06/2018

Today, we will introduce you to a completely new football game called Football Clash Arena 2018. The game was released by PWNRS doo Beograd-Palilula. Players will be involved in dramatic football matches in a unique Turn-base style. Show yourself as a person with a great strategic vision by winning games in this game. The game was officially released on two major app stores, Google Play Store and App Store at the end of May. Let’s find out about the unique football Football Clash Arena 2018.

football clash arena 2018 free football strategy 1

The new style of football matches

When participating in Football Clash Arena 2018 Mod APK, the player controls a team. Your team will only have five players instead of the other 11 players in the actual match. The pitch of the game is also designed to be small to match the number of players appearing on the pitch.

football clash arena 2018 free football strategy 2

In the game, the player can control his character to perform moves, shoots … The player can control all his characters on the field in doing the basic moves one turn. Once your turn is over, the opposing team will continue to move.

Each match takes place in a relatively short time limit, where players need to control their character to keep the ball long enough to score. Also, you also need to pay attention to the position of the players on the opponent to come up with the most reasonable options.

football clash arena 2018 free football strategy 3

After winning the match, players will receive a bonus corresponding to the number of goals they have. You can use the bonus to buy new players or upgrade the available players. Your squad will be much stronger after every match.

Football Clash Arena 2018 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, if you have been bored with PvE matches, then you can join the PvP mode. This mode will allow you to participate in real-time matches with other players. You win a lot to be able to get great rewards coming from the game’s rankings.

Unique graphic design

Football Clash Arena 2018 for Android owns a fun cartoon-style 3D graphic design. The players on the pitch are displayed quite detailed and clear. The movement effects of the player are shown very smoothly. However, the picture quality of the game is average. The sound of the fans on the pitch will make the game interesting.

football clash arena 2018 free football strategy 4


If you are looking for a completely new style football game then Football Clash Arena 2018 will be a great choice for you. The turn-based tactical style is extremely unique. Players will have the opportunity to become a talented tactician in this game. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.