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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/03/2018

At the beginning of 2018, the famous game developer – What Games released their next product Fluffy Fall APK. You can download this game from Google Play and the App Store with a capacity of 72 MB. The game support on all phones and tablets so you can rest assured gaming without encountering any problems. This is a fun game; you will be immersed in exciting adventures everywhere in the world. I believe that in the coming time, the game will achieve a lot of success.

Fluffy Fall APK Download Mod Diamond

download fluffy fall

Fluffy Fall Introduction

Download Fall Fluffy is a mobile game with 3D graphics. 2017 is a year of games that have simple and addictive gameplay. Famous producers as Ketchapp and Voodoo kept up with this new trend, and What Games maker also launched a product to create a new breeze for the current game market. I would like to introduce to everyone Fluffy Fall – a game is worth playing!

download fluffy fall for android

Fluffy Fall gameplay

Fluffy Fall for Android brings you a simple task but it is also quite interesting. You need to control the ball and try to avoid the obstacles on the endless way. You can encounter extremely difficult obstacles such as fire, ice, laser, … A journey full of difficulty is waiting for you to discover and conquer. You will lose when you touch one of these obstacles. Can you go farthest away? Download the game and try it with your friends. Surely everyone will have fun hours together.


download fluffy fall for ios

Fall Fluffy APK Download offers you a simple and easy to use control system. All you need to do is touch the screen and hold to move through the obstacles on the screen. Control is simple so everyone of all ages can play the game. The more you play the game, you will also realize the game’s controls is an interesting thing.

How to disable in-game ads

Like most other games, Fluffy Fall for iOS has many ads that inhibit users. Many players have complained about this. To turn off these ads completely, just turn off the connections like Wifi, 3G, 4G on your mobile phone, so you do not worry about these ads anymore. Or you can spend $ 0.99 to disable this function. Just a little amount of money will make you happy.

Download Fluffy Fall APK – An endless journey for Android

Graphics and sound in the game

Fluffy Fall APK Mod has 3D graphics that is very different from the game of the same genre. However, the graphics of the game is not too complicated but still keep the simplicity. You will feel a deep way filled with various obstacles. Besides the simple graphics, the sound is also a point that I am delighted with the game. Music in the game is very funny that make players comfortable when playing. If you are looking for a simple game to play after tired hours of work and study, this is a perfect choice for you.

download fluffy fall mod apk

General comment

Fluffy Fall Mod Diamond is a fun and simple game for you at the beginning of 2018. If you are bored with brain games like LOL or PUBG, you should try Fluffy Fall. Surely you will be satisfied with this choice. You can download the game by clicking the link below. Wish you have a nice day!