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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: 20/04/2018

If you are a regular participant in games on mobile devices then surely know the game is extremely famous as Flappy Bird. This is an addictive game. Currently, there are many games with simple graphic design and gameplay like Flappy Bird. Today, we will introduce to everyone the game called Flop Down. This game is very hard and very addictive. So let’s find out more about this new game.

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Flop Down APK is distributed on Android and iOS by the eHeroes publisher. This is a new release, and this game is one of their first products. Hopefully, in the future, the game will create the fever in the mobile game market. At present, the game is receiving a lot of attention and positive reviews from players around the world. You can download the game by following the link at the bottom of the article.

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Addictive gameplay

Flop Down for Android has very simple and addictive gameplay. If you’ve ever played games like Flappy Bird, Fire Up! and Helix Jump will find this game extremely familiar. Your task is to control the ball, make it always balance and move through the tall pillar. However, the pillars will gradually grow, and each column will have different heights, it will be difficult to move through the pillars.

flop down 2

Flop Down Android Gameplay By eHeroes

Not only that, you will have to adjust the exact force so that the ball can move to the next column. If not careful, the ball will fall and the game will end. The challenges in this game are very difficult and not easy to overcome. So, the game is very addictive, and you will have to play it many times to get high scores.

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Note: Currently, games are being distributed for free on the Android and iOS operating systems. So, in the process of joining the game, you will encounter a lot of ads and may be offensive to players. If you do not want to see these annoying ads, you can upgrade to a higher version to completely remove the ads.

Download the game

Flop Down APK Download is a very simple game. Therefore, the graphic design of this game is enough for the player to experience. The images are not very sharp and realistic, but with such a design the game is lightweight. This makes the game smoother on most devices available on the market. You can be assured to download and install the game.

The strength of the game is simple and addictive; you will have to go crazy for this game. We provide the path below for you to download games for Android and iOS. Quickly download the game and take on the tough challenges. Have fun playing the game!