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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: $1.15
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/01/2018

Flip the Knife PvP PRO is a game created by BigDreamGames publisher. Game Flip the Knife PvP PRO is creative that I have ever played. Did you watch the videos flip over? If you have seen the water bottle flip videos, then this is a similar game. But it’s different in that you have to flip the knife upright. BigDreamGames is very smart to capture the passion of young people and play such games around the world. Follow me to learn about this game.

Download Flip the Knife PvP Pro V1.0.11 Mod Apk Latest for Android

flip the knife pvp pro

Flip the Knife PvP PRO is easy to play, even adults or children can play the game and play it easily. Unusual play, you only need to touch the screen once, adjust the angle of the knife and the power bar to the most accurate. Then the knife will fly up into the air, rotate in succession until it falls and the knife will stick under the wood you will be the winner. You will have to adjust the knife skillfully before you prepare to bounce properly if the knife falls incorrectly, you will have to re-straighten the knife down. Each time you plug the knife down you will earn points, and you will be gold to be able to buy other knives. Each type of knife will give you different parameters and shapes.

flip the knife pvp pro mod


In the game you will have four levels, each time you win the difficulty in the game will increase and become more difficult. It will make you so difficult to do wrong. When you succeed in the game, you will get many rewards, and you will also be able to spin the Spin Machine for a random reward. There you get free tickets every day or you can make money by winning the game. If you are not lucky enough to receive the items in the Spin Machine, you can get the gold. To earn more gold, you will have to play again and again you can earn more gold. Not only the knives but also other items such as swords, knives, saws, etc., include many other things that you want. The game has very high levels of entertainment, in the free time you can pull your phone out and play Flip the Knife PvP PRO game for fun. The publisher of BigDreamGames has brought gamers a sense of extreme comfort when playing. The other interesting thing in the game is that you can play PvP mode with everyone in the game making this game a difference for all the games of the same genre.

Flip the Knife PvP PRO Gameplay IOS/ANDROID


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Game Flip the Knife PvP PRO has eye-catching graphics, fun-filled gameplay, and extremely cute characters. This game is a knife, the publisher was very creative, creating the sharp knife is sharp and shiny. Thanks to BigDreamGames, these knives can be adjusted to many angles and become a lot easier. The most interesting part of the game is the wallpaper, you notice the weather changes, during the day or in the year, players can enjoy when playing this game.


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Confirmed Flip the Knife PvP PRO game is very interesting. You can invite friends to play together. Maybe someday you will be good at Flip the Knife PvP PRO and when will you throw a better bottle of water? I think you should download this game to try it out and maybe you will add it. Unfortunately, this game is not free, so to buy it you will have to consider spending $ 1.15