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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 07/06/2019

Miniclip has announced the launch of its Flip Master game for gamers around the world. Download Flip Master Mod Apk is available on Google Play and the App Store at only 223 MB. As a popular sports game, the game attracted many players on the first day of launch. Currently, the game has gained millions of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms.

Flip Master Apk v1.5.1 Mod latest for Android/iOS

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Surely you can not ignore Miniclip – an extremely famous mobile game maker worldwide. The games brought by the company have a unique charm cannot be ignored, and in particular, they are extremely addictive. Stay tuned to to find out what Flip Master for Android has to offer.

Flip Master – Sports Games

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Flip Master for iOS is a sports game where you prove your abilities. It will be fun when playing with friends and relatives. The game requires that you know the rules of the game. Like other Miniclip games, Flip Master Apk has a simple gameplay that anyone can play easily.

Addictive gameplay

download flip master for android apk

In Flip Master Mod, your task is very simple; it is learning how to control the jumpers. The higher the jumper, the higher your score. When jumping, you have to control how the jumper is not thrown out of the jumper; then you will gain experience and money corresponding to each jump. Is not it simple? Let’s discover what Flip Master has to offer.

Here are some points you should try Flip Master:

download flip master for ios

  • The game is made on 3D graphics extremely beautiful, to create a feeling of fun for players.
  • There are plenty of jumpers to choose from.
  • You can select the training venues according to your preferences.
  • Character training system to achieve the best results.
  • Daily task system with countless attractive rewards in the game.
  • Enhance your character’s experience quickly with power-ups.

Flip Master – Android GamePlay Full HD

Live sound and graphics

With its stunningly detailed 3D design, Flip Master Apk Mod gives you the most exciting game experience possible thanks to state-of-the-art gaming technology. With bright colours, gamers will have fun gaming moments, reduced stress after school hours, hours of stressful work. The game has a system of characters, practice sites, training rooms, training areas are developed very meticulously, giving players more options when playing. Beside the nice graphics, the sound of the game is also a commendable point, the sounds of the game are bold sports, giving players a lot of different levels of emotions. Surely this is a lightweight game and worth playing for you in early 2018.

General comment

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It can be said that Flip Master Mod is a sports game, although very simple but it is extremely addictive. Currently, the game is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Click the link below to download the game and experience the game. Have fun playing the game and do not forget to visit to update many hot games every day.