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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: 19/01/2018

Nowadays, the mobile games market has a lot of games with extremely dissimilar genres; you always have to fight for the victory. Such genres are appearing a lot; this can make the players feel boring. Fling Fighters has very different gameplay than the rest; the game is released by Craneballs on both Android and iOS operating systems with a capacity of 50 MB. In a very new way, Download Fling Fighters Apk Mod quickly grabbed everyone’s attention and hit one million downloads and five thousand reviews on Google Play, which was a surprise, as the new game just It has not been released for a week.

Fling Fighters Apk v1.0.2 Mod Latest for Android/iOS


New gameplay


Unlike other fighting games available on the market, Fling Fighters for Android have a far more creative idea. You will not be immersed in intense and dramatic matches; this game is fun. Come to the Fling Fighters, your task is to try to throw the available weapons into the enemy until the end of the blood, and you will win. If you’ve ever played shooting games like Gunny, then it’s very easy to get used to this game. However, the Fling Fighters for iOS are more fun than Gunny, no need to wait for a turn, and move freely and throw freely until a player runs out of blood. Take advantage of all the virtual keyboards to move in as many throws as possible to win.

Attractive features


Fling Fighters has a lot of features to give players more experience. The game will have ten maps, each with different characteristics. On each map, you will face a very strong Boss. I tried to fight them but it was very difficult, you will probably have to take several turns to defeat this nasty Boss.
To increase the variety of play styles, Fling Fighters have a variety of weapons and traps to help you defeat your opponent. There are all nine different types of traps like steel cages, electric shock … these types of traps will be very uncomfortable when playing. Be alert to move and avoid these traps from the enemy, if you are trapped this will be very dangerous and a lot of blood loss. Fling Fighters also offers up to 40 different characters for the player to choose from, each with their unique characteristics and skills, which can grant skill and powerful combos to defeat competitor.

Fling Fighters 4

If you are tired of battling the mighty Boss, then the game also has an extremely attractive PvP mode. You can confront directly with many people in the world, this will increase the dramatic and competitive for the game. Of course, you need a stable Internet connection to experience this mode well.

Fling Fighters Gameplay – Android/iOS

Simple graphics

Fling Fighters

The game only has simple 2D graphics. The skills, physical effects are basically described and reduced the excess action. In return, the movement, skills of the character are very flexible and stable.


This is a unique fighting game that you should not miss. Currently, the game is being released on both Android and iOS, if you are interested in Fling Fighters, please download the game under the path below.