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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: 03/05/2018

Are you too boring with shooters and action games on the market today? Do you love fishing but have too little time to do it? Then Fishing Fever is a great choice for you. This is the best fishing game this summer that you should not miss. Imagine, under the heat of the summer, you are indulged on a sunny and windy beach. The game will bring you the best experience when immersed in the attractive fishing trips. Let’s find out what’s interesting in the article below!

fishing fever 1

About the game

Fishing Fever for Android is produced by gameone and was released in early May. The game will bring you to beautiful beaches with a variety of different fish for you to explore. You will be immersed in the sea with beautiful scenery, blue sea, white clouds, … This is a great place for you to entertain after hours of work and study tired. Also, the game brings you many different fish species such as catfish, bass, crappie, catfish, salmon, salmon, cod or even sharks!

fishing fever 2

How to play

Fishing Fever for iOS is quite attractive. Each type of fish prefers different types of bait, so you need to find the right bait for each species. Besides, you do not have to wait too long before the fish bite. Whenever the fish bite, you need to do exactly what you can do to pull the fish from the water. The bigger the fish, the more you will catch it. So you need to do exactly what you see on the phone screen.

fishing fever 3

Fishing Fever Android Gameplay

Attractive features

– 6 Fishing areas give you more options, less boring.
– There are many different types of equipment for you to choose from.
– A lot of different fish for you to choose from.
– You need to master new skills to catch the big fish.
– You fish for money and upgrade fishing rods and much other equipment
– The graphics are eye-catching, and the colours are bright, giving the player a pleasurable experience.
– Sound attractive and true. Helps players feel comfortable and reduce stress when playing.

fishing fever 4


Fishing Fever MOD APK is a great fishing game for those who love fishing games and want a cool game to play in the free time. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!