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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 16/06/2018

Fishing games always attract a large number of fans around the world. When fishing, you will feel comfortable and relaxed after hours of hard work. This is a great stress relieving solution that people always feel stressed want to experience. Famous game producer mobirix understands the needs of players and launches their new game market called Fishing Championship. The game will bring the most realistic fishing experience to the player with a great simulation system. The emotions of catching the big fish will give players a lot of unique and exciting experience. Let’s take a look at Fishing Championship APK and how you can get involved in the game the fastest.

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The game will take you to the beach in Hawaii, where you will be able to show off your fishing skills. Initially, you will be sitting on a rather small boat; your character will own a good fishing rod and help you entertain at any time. The game will rotate around a virtual key located at the bottom of the screen. You can press and hold this virtual key to perform the action of dropping a line to the sea. If you hold down the virtual key for a longer time, the stress bar at the top of the screen will be filled up and you will be able to catch larger fish at longer distances.

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Next, you just have to wait for a fish to get trapped in your trap. You will continue to press and hold these keys appropriately to pull the fish in a straight line and adjust the tension of the line. This method will help you not miss the opportunity and catch the fish most sure. When you collect a fish, you will receive a bonus based on the game’s rating.

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Fishing Championship for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You can use the bonus to upgrade your fishing rod. With a bigger and stronger fishing rod, you’ll catch bigger fish like sharks! Also, you need to pay attention to your level to unlock new fishing areas. The game has a lot of mysteries waiting for players to explore.

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Beautiful graphics

Fishing Championship APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics. I highly appreciate the graphic design of this game; the manufacturer has brought very high image quality to the players, so they have the most authentic fishing experience. The sound of the big fish is quite special; you will feel very excited and excited to find out that you are fishing a big fish in this game.

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Fishing Championship is a new entertainment option for those who want to release their stress or simply enjoy fishing. You will have a lot of fun and exciting to participate in this game. Do not miss it, use our link to discover it now!