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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • File size: 34 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/02/2018

Voodoo is a manufacturer no stranger to those who love to play games on the phone. Download Fire Up! is a new game launched by the company with fairly simple gameplay but also very difficult to conquer. Your mission is to go through and shoot the blocks to destroy them. If you are stuck behind, you will lose. The game requires you to play fast; you need to position your position correctly to achieve the highest score.

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Introduction to Fire Up!

In this article, I will guide you some useful tips to play Fire Up! for Android the easiest. First, you need to understand how to play the game. You will control a machine gun, shoot the white bullets, try to control the bullets so that it destroys the bricks. Over time, these bricks will be lower than before, and there is no way to shoot them anymore, you will lose. You need to know how to move machine guns flexibly on the screen, it is automatically fired, and the bullets are constant. At the start of the game, it is very simple when the number of bricks is very small and easy to destroy it. However, this is only the initial challenge of the game. What if the screen moves faster? You will not have time to look at the numbers on the screen; you need to rely on its colour. Green is the most prone to break, followed by yellow, orange and red, making the difficulty of the game increased.

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After destroying the blocks, you will also get the same amount as the value of that block. To get the highest score, you need to work from the beginning to destroy as many blocks as possible. The difficulty of the game will increase rapidly as the blocks fall faster and you need to destroy them as soon as possible. Besides, there are some pills that will help you boost your strength. For example, the red pill helps you shoot more powerful bullets, the blue bullet increases the number of bullets, and the yellow bullet can help spread the bullets … The money you have earned allows you to upgrade the guns.

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Graphics and sound in the game

Fire Up! for iOS have the graphics are quite simple and match the gameplay style. Like many other Voodoo games, the company does not focus on graphics, and the gameplay is a strong point that makes the player feel good. The sound in the game is also fun at the pace of the game.

fire up by voodoo

General comment

This is a challenging game of your skill. Try playing the game and let me know how you feel. Visit the link below to download and enjoy this addictive game!