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Besides the classic RPG challenges and only allow you to use a character in battle. The current RPG challenges of mobile platforms are often combined with strategic elements. That is, you are allowed to build your fighting group with many different characters. If you want to challenge your management skills and discover fierce battles in groups? Come to Fire Heroes; it will bring you exciting challenges. And allow discovering many beautiful and powerful characters in your journey to conquer the world.

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Fire Heroes APK Mod will bring people to the vast Kairasiya continent with many powerful magical powers. On this continent, magic is popular with people and many different races. Magic is used by races to develop their own countries. However, some evil forces used magic for wrong purposes. They use magic to wage war and invade different nations at Kairasiya. In this crazy and chaotic battle, the evil forces have won. When the hope of victory gradually disappeared, a goddess appeared and used her power to summon heroes. From the power of this god, the heroes appeared and helped the alliance against the invasion of evil forces.

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Build a fighting squad

Before conquering the chaotic Kairasiya continent, you have the task of creating characters. You will begin the journey to fight the demons from a basic character. After that, you must pass many different story-based missions to collect bonuses and experience points to upgrade characters. Also, plot missions allow you to meet and recruit new characters into your battle group. You have a little opportunity to recruit dozens of different characters into your group. However, you are only allowed to use up to 5 characters in battle. So, choose the right characters and create a powerful warrior group to rescue the world.

Fire Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To build a good fighting squad, you need to know the abilities and fighting power of each of your characters. Each character in the game will possess his attack skills and power system. Good coordination of each character’s power will help you quickly defeat monsters. Conversely, you arrange a battle squad that is unreasonable and fails to exploit the strengths of each character. You will be difficult to complete complex tasks or take a long time to destroy your enemies.

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Besides the plot challenges and weekly events, people also participate in the arena in Fire Heroes to test their fighting power with other players. The arena is a reasonable choice for you to discover the fighting power of the characters you own. From there, you can make reasonable changes to improve their power. In the arena, you will be able to participate in 2 different battle modes 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3. Each mode will have its rewards for winning.