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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 21 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/08/2018

Are you looking for a game to relax during the weekend? Fire Egg released by 111% will be the perfect answer for you. This is the latest product from the famous 111% maker; the game will bring you a lot of exciting experience. With simple gameplay and unique graphic design, you will have the most fun moments. Currently, the game has been released on Google Play. You can experience this game with ease.

fire egg 2


Fire Egg for iOS is a simple recreation game, the gameplay of the game is also very simple. Right from the start of the game, the player learned how to control his character. You will perform device swipe actions to control your chickens. You will face the chicken coop that is moving on the map of the game; the chicken coop is wanting to keep you. As a result, your chicken will start laying out eggs to destroy the chicken coop. Eggs made by your chicken will collide with the chicken coop, the chicken coop will lose strength corresponding to the number of times the egg hit. Your chicken will produce lots of eggs; you just control your character avoiding the chicken coop that is moving on the map of the game.

fire egg 3

The game ends when your chicken is captured by the chicken coop. You will receive a score corresponding to the achievement you gained in the battle. You can use your bonus to upgrade your character to become stronger. The game offers three different upgrade options for players to choose from Fire Speed, Ball Power, and Rotate Speed. Each upgrade option will give your character a new power. You will gain a higher score in the next battle. This game is very addictive; you will not be able to stop when you have not reached a new record in this game.

Fire Egg Android/iOS – Gameplay (By 111%)

Creative design

Fire Egg APK Mod owns a very creative 2D graphic design. The chicken and the chicken coop are so fun; you will feel excited to see the fun action of the character in this game. The character effects are described very simply. The sound of the chickens in the game will make the player feel a lot happier.

fire egg 4

Download Fire Egg here

In general, Fire Egg is a unique combination between the two genres Ball Brick Breaker and Endless Runner. You will face unlimited challenges in this game and get endless fun. This will be a game to help you relieve stress after hours of hard work quickly. If you have already liked this game, you can use our link to download the game more easily.