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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 86 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/12/2018

A role-playing game with a brand new fighting style released by NEOWIZ producer. Finger Knights an RPG game with the same fighting style as a slingshot. This is a very impressive way of fighting; you will destroy the opponent with a snapshot. With this unique fighting style, the game gets a lot of positive reviews and downloads on App Store and GooglePlay.

finger knights 1

Unique battle

Finger Knights for iOS have a unique fighting style; you will destroy your opponent with a flick of your finger. You will touch the screen to select the character and shoot the character on various opponents on the map of the game. In the game, you will fight in turn, and you will have to gather many powerful characters when you experience the game. The game has many different character classes for people to collect and combine with five unique elements including darkness, light, water, fire, and trees. Character classes in the game include Knight, Archer, Defender, Priest, Mage and Dark Mage. Each character class in the game will have its fighting skills and symbols to help people distinguish and use them.

finger knights 2

You will have to undergo various missions in the game to get the chance to collect new characters. At the start of the game, you will get some basic characters to experience the game, after completing the quests that the game requires you to get a chance to summon the hero. Each character’s fighting skills and strengths will be ranked according to each star. Heroes will have a star, and the legendary heroes will have five stars. Use luck to summon the best heroes in the game. The game will give you many missions to make and RAID BOSS mode to get more bonuses, EXP and valuable rewards.

finger knights 3


People will be fighting with many dangerous enemies on many unique maps of the game. Gather the most powerful characters in the game to fight the devil and discover an impressive series of Dungeons. Fight and collect Strength Stones to upgrade the strength of your character. Destroy all opponents in the game to assert your power and impressive, commanding abilities. Fight in unique locations like Tower of infinity and Gigantess. Participate in many in-game activities to compete with other players and receive many attractive prizes.

Finger Knights for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Finger Knights APK Mod have attractive 3D graphics, all characters in the game are designed in anime style and are dubbed in the Japanese language. Motion in the game has very good stability, and in-game images are automatically optimized with the device installed. Special images of the fighting skills of all the characters in the game are beautifully designed and rich.

finger knights 4

You will love this game

Finger Knights is an impressive role-playing game that everyone should experience, a completely new fighting style that you should not miss. The battles and much impressive equipment along with the beautiful characters is a joyful experience in the coming Christmas. You will easily experience the game anywhere, and your device needs an internet connection to experience this game.