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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 300 MB
  • Date Updated: 10/02/2018

By 2017, the publisher of SQUARE ENIX has released an experimental version of the game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. Immediately, the game quickly received a lot of criticism from the players. However, with the beta version, this game still has a lot of unpublished features and makes the player curious. Fortunately, the publisher of SQUARE ENIX has officially launched an international version of this game. This is really good news for fans of this famous game.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition APK+DATA Mod Unlocked

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The latest update of the game was launched on February 7 and quickly attracted the attention of the players. Currently, games are allowed to be downloaded and installed for free on both Android and iOS. We have provided the link so that you can quickly download this game at the bottom of the article. Now let’s explore the fascinating features of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for Android.

The game focuses much on story

To be honest, the game has a very detailed story. Coming to the game, you will be teleported to a land ruled by the Chosen King. However, the battles between the two countries, Lucis and Niflheim took many years and made people’s lives threatened. Fortunately, the truce has been set, 2 countries have been peaceful temporarily.

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The main plot revolves around Prince Noctis and his friends in Lucis. On the night before the ceasefire was signed, there was a fire and the mystery was revealed. The dark forces appeared to destroy the signing ceremony. Noctis and his friends will begin a journey against the evil forces and protect the kingdom.

New attractive gameplay

Unlike the previous version, in this update, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Mod Unlocked has a very light capacity, so that the device has a weak configuration can also experience a smoother. To be able to do this, the publisher of SQUARE ENIX has broken the game into many chapters. In the first chapter, you can experience the game for free. Unfortunately, you will have to spend some money to be able to discover the next chapter. That is not good news for the fans of this game. If you find it inconvenient to buy a chapter, you can buy a full game for $ 19.99.

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There are a lot of players evaluating this updated version that it has an easier gameplay than the beta version. With a top-down view, you can easily move and attack enemies without any difficulty. You just move closer to the enemy and use the available virtual keys on the screen to use the character’s attack skills. However, when strong enemies appear, the attack is more difficult. In each battle, try to earn as many AP points. This AP allows you to unlock more of the character’s locked abilities. These skills will help your character become stronger and defeat the enemy more easily.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition APK+DATA (Mod Unlocked)

Impressive graphics

The design of the game is ancient style combined with modern equipment; this makes the game different. The characters are designed in the famous Fantasy style; surely you will feel satisfied with the design of this game
Experience many interesting things in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Mod APK+DATA.

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Overall, with this updated version, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for iOS has a lot of innovations that we need to explore. Let experience the new features of the new version by downloading the game via the link below for the Android and iOS operating systems.