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Are you a fan of the popular Final Fantasy series from Square Enix? If so, here is a great news for you. The game has officially announced the release of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Mod Apk. Series Final Fantasy is very popular worldwide and is loved by many gamers. This mobile version is no exception as it draws a lot of gamers’ attention around the world. The game will be available on both iOS and Android operating systems, and you can download and experience it for free. It is great, isn’t it?

Download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Apk Mod Unlimited

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Build a new empire of your own

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is part of the Final Fantasy series, but this is an extraterrestrial version. This makes the game more attractive to gamers, and different from the console game. The game is an empire-like game; it is quite similar to the hit Clash of Clans game. Your task is to build your own empire. First, you need to harness the resources, build the real country to grow. Next, you need to upgrade your army to join the war with other countries. Whether your country is strong or not depends entirely on your strategy.

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While entering the game, you will select a character to become the king of the kingdom you build. A New Empire has a number of characters that you are familiar with: Gladio, Cindy, Prompto, and many other characters you can only encounter in this version. You will be a real king, direct the development of the country and directly participate in the battle to increase the national status.

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There is a lot of works to be done for you such as build houses, factories, warehouses, training halls, etc. Also, you need to focus on exploiting the resources. Vow of nature to rapidly upgrade our buildings and works. Besides military and economic development, you also need to build defensive structures that can counter attacks by your neighbours. The army in the game is very diverse, such as infantry, cavalry, gunners, mages and powerful monsters. Your mission is to train the army, to create a strong team, good combat, high tactics and willing to destroy all enemies of your country.

Join fierce wars

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Mod Unlimited will bring you lots of fierce battles to struggle for power and wealth. You also need to carefully prepare your country’s defence system as you can be attacked by monsters or neighbouring countries at any time. One of the most expensive, most precious resources in the game is the Crystals. This is what any player wants to own. To gain more Crystals, you need to win many different battles. The number of crystals you receive is not small. So try to win every battle.

Building solid alliances

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To develop your country rapidly and vigorously, you need alliances between nations. You and the other players can create the strongest alliance in the world. Stay connected with friends, help each other, support resources and military for each other to quickly grow. This is the best feature of the game.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK + MOD for Android/iOS


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Mod is nothing very new. Every scene, design in the game are massively epic. However, the characters are beautiful and attractive. Surely gamers will have great gaming moments. Although the game has no top-notch graphics like the PC version, the game still has the undeniable appeal to those who are fans of the series. You can click on the link below to download the game to your mobile phone. Wish you have a nice day!