• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 23 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/05/2019

Besides VOODOO producer, 111% is also a famous producer with many games with easy-to-understand content and create many interesting challenges for people. This manufacturer has a lot of products on Googleplay with millions of downloads. Some of their outstanding games include Lunar Blade, Wil Knight or Royal Blade. In addition to the above games, they have recently received a lot of good feedback with Filling: fill 66% of the level. This is a unique game with an attractive one-touch control system, and players can freely explore this game at any time.

filling fill 66 of the level 2

Your creativity

Filling: fill 66% of the level for iOS brings exciting creative challenges and requires players to have the agility to complete challenges. With a simple control system, you can comfortably experience when moving or doing many tasks at the same time. Challenges will have no time limit. Therefore, players will feel comfortable when participating in this game.

filling fill 66 of the level 3


You have the task of creating balls of different sizes and avoiding collisions with white balls. You will complete the mission when all the balls you create have a total size of 100%. To create different sized balls, you have to touch and hold your hand on the screen. The longer you hold your finger, the bigger the size of the balls, release your hand to finish the fabrication. Note, while creating the balls, you need to avoid colliding with white balls. If you are holding your finger on the device screen to build a new ball and collide with white balls, the mission will fail.

Filling: fill 66% of the level – Fill and Avoid Balls!

You will join these unique challenges at each level. Each level will have a different number of white balls to challenge your observation ability. The white balls will move continuously, and you must pay attention to their movements. Besides, each level will limit the number of balls you are allowed to create. If you use up the number of turns and do not achieve 100% achievement, you will have to play again. The higher the level, the more white balls will be added. In particular, you can comfortably hold your finger on the device and move continuously to avoid white balls.

filling fill 66 of the level 4

Simple graphics

Filling: fill 66% of the level owns an easy-to-see image and simple 2D graphics. Each level will be prepared with a unique color and help players not to be bored. Combining colors well with gameplay helps your experience more diverse and fun. Although not owning an impressive image system, the game will still make players happy. With having simple image quality, the game will get a small size (23 MB), and you can easily set up on your device.