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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 24 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/02/2019

Fighting Star – Experience the true fighting style of MMA world. You are a lover of intense battles in the arena of the strongest; you should experience this challenge immediately. The opportunity for you and everyone to become a true MMA fighter fight fiercely with many other characters to become the strongest martial artist. Experience a series of famous boxers from many different countries around the world. Join many fierce tournaments to win the championship. The main publisher of the game is Doodle Mobile Ltd.

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Explore the MMA world in a realistic way

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and is a famous antagonistic tournament around the world. In MMA, you have the opportunity to explore many martial arts such as Judo, Karatedo, Boxing and many other martial arts. This is a world of intense competition, allowing you to use a variety of martial arts to fight. You must defeat the enemy in many matches within the limited time of the game. Discover the most impressive fighting styles, defeat all enemies to become champions.

Fighting Star for Android/iOS – Gameplay


When participating in Fighting Star for iOS, there will be basic combat instructions for you to familiarize yourself with the control system. When participating in combat, you need to perform many quick and precise manipulations to attack the enemy. Each match will take place in 3 rounds. Each round will have a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds to fight and defeat the enemy. To win, you must defeat the enemy within the specified time. Or at the end of each round, the amount of damage you inflict on the enemy must be greater than the amount of damage you have to take from the enemy to win. In 3 rounds, if you win two rounds, you will win a match. In important matches, players are only allowed to fight in one round. Therefore, you need to move quickly and cause more damage to the enemy.

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You have the opportunity to experience many impressive fighting skills. Please accumulate enough energy in each round to perform many special fighting skills and defeat your enemies. These skills need agile operations to appear. If you do not perform well, the enemy will easily avoid your skills. Besides, players have the opportunity to decorate characters with many changes such as gloves, tattoos or hairstyles. Create your character with lots of attractive and beautiful edits.

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Images and sounds

Fighting Star APK Mod has 3D graphics and a real sound system, giving you the feeling of being in the world of MMA. Characters and combat skills are built with real physical principles. When fighting, the characters’ movements are smooth and lively. Also, special combat skills are prepared very sophisticatedly with many impressive motion details. You will enjoy the most authentic combat skills when you experience.

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Fans’ sounds will give you more exciting experiences. The sound quality is good and very suitable for gameplay. With these realistic sounds, battles will become more attractive.


Fighting Star is the place for you to entertain and explore the martial arts of the world. Many battles and attractive skills will make you want to experience continuously. It can be said; this is the fascinating fighting game that you should experience.